This week host Brian MacMahon speaks with Joel Hypén, CEO of Adlaunch.

Joel is an award-winning video director and producer with 13 years of experience leading teams of up to 120 employees and producing videos for Zalando, Vogue, Ikea, and many others. Joel has also studied Media Management and IP law which helped AdLaunch create its unique, patent-pending technology.

A few words from Adlaunch:

Our patented AI powered video creation technology enables digital marketers and social media agencies to create high quality video ads quickly and affordably with patented technology that drives measurable results. AdLaunch has built a dynamic video ad creation service with patent pending video generation technology. AdLaunch has received over 900 ́000€ funding from UK & Finnish investors and Business Finland.

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Top 5 Favorite Moments:

2:12 What is AdLaunch & who is Joel Hypen?

8:23 AdLaunch patented their product

13:35 AdLaunch has one of the most affordable subscription prices out there

16:48 Some of the challenges Joel faced were that Video Marketing and AdTech don’t have big markets in Finland

28:30 Joel Hypen’s message to investors and AdLaunch’s strategy to scale up in the next few years.

Additional Information: – AdLaunch website – Joel Hypen email