This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Vipul Agrawal of Unlu.

Unlu is making it possible for every single person to interact, talk or learn from the famous personalities around the world. Users can book personalized video messages, video calls & can learn skills from celebrities. The platform is accessible as an application, and a website where celebrities can connect with their fans by sending across birthday or anniversary wishes, inspirational messages, greetings, brand endorsements and shout outs on request.

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Top 5 Favorite Moments:

1:08 What is Unlu and what does it do?

5:42 How Unlu built a brilliant team?

12:29 What are the challenges that Unlu faces and how they overcame them

20:43 How Unlu is finding investors that want to grow with them and not just invest in them

28:34 Unlu is a platform on which influencers, celebrities and fans can interact and trust each other.

Additional Info: – Unlu’s website – Vipul Agrawal’s email address