This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Sami Al-Ahmad of MARJ3.  

In this episode, Brian and Sami talk about MARJ3’s unique platform, what inspired Sami and his team to start MARJ3, how they managed to get 2.4M users to visit their platform and Sami’s message to future investors.  

Few words from MARJ3:

MARJ3 is a platform that works to help students across the MENA region to find and connect with educational opportunities and access internationally-accredited courses. It currently attracts 2.4 million monthly visits from students eager to explore the opportunities listed on MARJ3.  

They have 3 major services:

1. MARJ3 Education dedicated to schools and universities.

2. MARJ3 Courses for MOOCs and tutoring.

3. MARJ3 Scholarships for funded opportunities. Users can use the platform to search, compare, and then enroll in the best-fit opportunity.

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

02:44 Sami Al Ahmad and his team wanted to create a platform with value to the users so they can use it daily.

04:31 MARJ3 has spent almost nothing on marketing, yet, still managed to get 2.4M users to visit their platform over the last month.

08:32 MARJ3 provides students with thousands of opportunities who want to learn during the rise of remote learning.

28:36 MARJ3’s unique algorithm makes each opportunity easier for students to reach and also enables the platform to become AI-assisted in the future.

38:13 Sami’s message to future investors.

Additional information: – MARJ3 website and platform – Sami Al-Ahmad’s email address