This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Wade T Micoley of RealtyHive.

In this episode, Brian and Wade discuss the ins and outs of real estate and marketing, how RealtyHive helps brokers and real estate agents, and RealtyHive’s plan to become a unicorn.

Few words from RealtyHive:

RealtyHive is a global platform giving everyone world-class marketing and consumers cashback on all things Real Estate. With a successful 85% adoption rate of the connected revenue product lines, RealtyHive will continue to grow with access to an inherently massive and global market. At 60+% of the initial raise completed, the average investor has invested $100,000+. RealtyHive is led by a group of successfully proven innovators, always testing and improving the way real estate is globally transacted.

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

* 3:04 – Wade started out as a musician and was drawn into real estate. He quickly realized that he wanted to do more than just sell properties. Triggering his entrepreneurial side, he branched out and started 2 companies and a bank.

* 5:48 – RealtyHive was created as a tool and solution for brokers and real estate agents market their properties and sell them fast.

* 9:16 – When RealtyHive was testing their platform with multiple global properties, they were able to get almost 300 leads from different cities, and was able to close over 1300 properties since inception!

* 19:43 – RealtyHive’s next step is to be at $100M evaluation. Having a revenue of 1.2M in the first 8months, RealtyHive will keep growing until they a unicorn.

* 26:37 – Wade’s message to future investors.

Additional information: – Wade T Micoley’s email address – RealtyHive website