Expert DOJO cohort member, Rene, is a B2B AI startup that gives companies the tools they need to keep their employees safe and healthy on their journeys, from tailored travel insurance to wellness programs and telemedicine services.

They have already helped hundreds of businesses to navigate the new norm by implementing travel policies that allow them to resume travel safely. This is definitely a safe-travel tech solution every business owner and investor should know about.

During the pandemic, Rene has experienced exponential growth due to its new business model. As of today, Rene is about to close its seed round, they grew their customer base during COVID, and made key partnerships with leading firms in the industry. This proves that this is the perfect time for a solution like Rene. Investors who want to be a part of the changing travel industry should not hesitate to connect Rene’s founder, Atilio Spaccarotella.

Atilio Spaccarotella

Atilio founded Rene after he experienced a travel accident that resulted in high bills that his insurance company did not cover even though he was eligible for it. “Over 10 million insured people end up in the hospital every year due to travel accidents and they are left alone to deal with huge medical bills.” says Atilio.

There are over 233M business international trips every year and corporations are struggling to comply with their Duty of Care requirements and provide proper coverage to their employees, especially now during COVID times. Rene is on a mission is to minimize liabilities by helping these corporations travel safer even during COVID.

Even before COVID, coverage and liabilities were a huge pain for a $19 Billion dollar industry, but now it became crucial. Information, safety tools and testing will be what helps the industry recover, and Rene is leading this change, helping businesses to transition and adapt to the new norms. 

During this past couple of months, most airlines made partnerships with startups in record times trying to provide safety to their customers. And that is exactly what Rene is doing with their new business model. “We aggregate solutions applying proprietary technology, positioning us for success during and after the pandemic.” says Atilio.  

Rene is making travel safer by bundling key services that protect travelers and businesses alike. Besides comprehensive travel insurance that covers COVID-19 anywhere in the world, Rene partnered up with Teladoc to offer their users access to telemedicine services, by avoiding physical visits to the ER or doctor office, they are able to reduce the risk of infection. In order to help companies resume travel, Rene added a new feature that will allow their users to order at-home COVID-19 tests this way they can get a test before and after their trip. Many travel industry experts like Rene, believe that testing will be the key to getting people back to travel.

About Atilio:

Atilio is an Argentinian entrepreneur who started his first tech company with his current co-founder Gustavo Lindenberg at age 17. After few years of developing solutions for businesses and government institutions, Atilio and his longtime friend and CTO founded GTN Medical, the first appointment booking solution that worked over the phone without the intervention of operators reaching over 600,000 users.

This venture was so successful that Atilio was selected by the Mexican government and the National Institute of Entrepreneurship to replicate GTN Medical’s business model in Mexico. After 3 years living in Mexico City, Atilio was awarded by the Ministry of Business Affairs and recognized as one of the leaders that was disrupting the healthcare landscape in a research done by investor group ALLVP.

In 2019 Atilio decided to leave his position at GTN Medical to start Rene Health, and disrupt the travel insurance industry.

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