We are so proud of our cohort company, V.ONE, for being voted #1 on Product Hunt last week with over 200 paying customers. V.ONE is now the most upvoted no code company on product hunt!

V.ONE is the easiest way to build and monetize apps by simply uploading designs from Canva. Think of it is the SquareSpace or Wix for app building.

Now, to know this amazing startup is to know its genius CEO and founder, Jeremy Redman. Here we go, 7 questions answered by the most sought-after entrepreneur of the era.

Jeremy, right before we can no longer reach out to you directly, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I can say that I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I learned how to sell from a young age in the trailer park, scaling a sales company at 11. I was also the first person in my family to go to college. Yet, my greatest achievement is that I became the first person in the world to grow 3 six-figure no code companies from nothing.

Jeremy, what made you start V.ONE? I mean, life is hard as it is why add more to your plate by starting your own business and then having the need to convince the rest of the world that is necessary?

I am simply building the company I wish existed in the world. I am a non technical person who was sick and tired of hearing from would-be technical “founders” I could not build my idea without them. And dev-shops ripping off people who can not afford or risk hiring freelancers abroad who do not deliver. What I needed did not exist so I had no other choice but to build it myself. I have done my research and I knew more founders were struggling with the same issues. All I am doing is simply helping people like me.

This is an amazing idea for a startup but what we love you most for is your incredible level of execution. The entire world is facing now one of the hardest times in modern history. And yet you managed to double your revenue! You literally achieved the impossible. Why do you think that was possible?

No economy was able to withstand COVID and many people realized the hard way that their “stable jobs” are not really stable. There is no guarantee in any path. At V.ONE, we are helping more people than ever start their own businesses and monetize their ideas. I was able to prove that people need V.ONE more than ever.

But even the most desired solutions have rough beginnings. What would you say helped you shape your business and bring it to where it is today?

I was lucky to learn early on in my career that there are no shortcuts. Business owners have to stop thinking Facebook ads are going to solve their sales problem. They need to talk to their customers and build something they love. If the customers love it – they will share it.

It seems like today many entrepreneurs focus on chasing investors instead of growing their customer-base, What should entrepreneurs focus on in your opinion and understand about the fundraising process?

Investors’ opinions do not matter. Your customers are the only people you should ever listen to. You may think getting investment is a success, but it is not. Revenue is success. And revenue only comes from customers. If you can prove a way to get investors a return on their money, that is all they care about – if you’re “up and to the right” you will raise money.

Your recent achievement is V.ONE’s success on Product Hunt. V.ONE was voted #1 on the platform and your revenue just keeps growing. Do you have any advice you can share with founders looking to get on Product Hunt?

I would only recommend using product hunt if you have a thought out launch strategy. I spent months getting to know the best makers out there to use and give me feedback on the product before hand, knowing they would endorse it during the product hunt launch. We did this successfully and we got a bunch of paying customers and a bunch of inbound investor interest. Also, engagement on the platform is crucial. This proved successful. Some can get lucky though, but it’s very much about engaging other makers to help upvote you and recommend.

Finally, We often hear about success stories more than we hear about failures and that is because we want heroes we can relate to. However, reality is always harsher than any Hollywood movie plot can ever portray. As an entrepreneur that made it, what keeps you at it and prevents you from quitting?

I simply believe that I was put on this earth to be an entrepreneur. I am doing what I love every day, and I have never been more poor. I would rather die doing what I am doing then work for someone else.

To invest in V.ONE, send us an email at brian@expertdojo.com

Check out V.ONE on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/v-one-2

Connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-redman-1981aa1a/