This week host Brian MacMahon speaks with Nan Zhang.

In this episode, Brian and Nan talk about her background – how she went from being an actress to a neuroscientist and now an entrepreneur. The two also talk about the struggles and joys of being a female entrepreneur, how MyMarkIt started, how they are creating a new way to shop and Nan’s amazing growth plan for the next year.

Few words from MyMarkit:

MyMarkit (stealth mode Vision Interchange) is a first-of-its-kind fintech transaction marketplace that lets users shop directly and bypass loss in value. This novel approach allows value/currency to be attached directly to commodities to retain more worth for both retail and resale items (not bartering/swapping). We attach IP ledgers and automated passive sensors to facilitate 100% fail-proof authentication at scale. VI is the initial iteration applied to the vision market through a top ten accelerator. We are launching the general marketplace, MyMarkit, for luxury/millennial collectibles/brands. 

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Top 5 Favorite Moments:

* 2:45 Nan Zhang takes us through her journey: she started out as a model and actress before pursuing a neuroscience degree in John Hopkins University and afterwards she started her own business.

* 12:25 How the idea for MyMarkit started: it started with Vision Interchange, where customers can trade and shop for luxury eyewear. Then, customers started asking to do the same thing to designer bags and that’s how MyMarkit was born. 

* 15:48 MyMarkIt is launching during the holiday season and they’ll have a wide range of luxury brand products in-store.

* 17:43 MyMarkIt uses products’ true value as the heart of their business which also makes people save money while shopping.

* 34:58 Nan reveals MyMarkIt’s investment growth plan.

Additional information: – MyMarkIt

website – Nan Zhang’s email address