This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Garry Drummond of LOCH Technologies Inc.

In this episode, Brian and Garry talk about their patented Wireless Machine Vision platform, their incredible team, coming towards Series A and why you should invest in them.

Few words from LOCH:

LOCH is a global leader of next-generation wireless threat monitoring. The company provides actionable intelligence on all 5G cellular and wireless IoT devices to help organizations improve their security posture, reduce risk, and manage wireless data usage across the enterprise. Every wireless device needs to be visible and secure, regardless of what type of device it is, what protocol it uses, and who owns it. This guides everything we do and why LOCH aims to secure and enable the new world of wireless innovation that will drive the next generation of digital transformation.

LOCH helps bring order to this world of wireless chaos. With its patented Wireless Machine Vision platform, LOCH provides full and proactive management and security for all 5G, operational technology (OT), and IoT environments. Every connected device needs to be visible, manageable, and secure, regardless of the type of device, the protocol it uses, and who owns it. Whether for 5G, broad-spectrum IoT wireless, or Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) environments, LOCH helps customers manage security, performance, and cost for the full range of wireless devices. By providing full visibility and actionable intelligence on all devices, LOCH enables organizations to confidently embrace the new world of wireless innovation that is driving the next generation of digital transformation.

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

3:01 – LOCH Technologies built a Machine Vision platform to look at all communications in the wireless spectrum. This helps detect threats in wirelessly enabled IoT devices especially now that 5G is being used in almost every device.

10:54 – LOCH Technologies was able to enter the niche of casinos, critical infrastructures and growing 30-50% yearly. But, the idea to enter into the 5G market belonged to one of their partners in the telco industry.

12:43 – With 5G in play, LOCH has the opportunity to grow massively so they bought the best of the best from the tech industry to help accelerate the business.

15:08 – LOCH is 50% done with their current round and future investors and partners can really benefit significantly once they invest with LOCH.

18:34 – Future investors can be assured that aside from LOCH’s revenue growth next year, Garry Drummond also guarantees that he is the kind of CEO that is totally hands-on in his business.

Additional information: – Garry Drummond email address – LOCH Technologies website