This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Roman Gromov of AiBion.

In this episode, Brian and Roman talk about what AiBion is all about, how they help cancer patients, and their plans to grow.

Few words from AiBion:

AiBion Technologies was founded in September 2019 in Belarus by a group of like-minded people, united by the goal of building new generation cancer diagnosis to make it time-saving and the most accurate. Within a year, we grew up a dream-team of more than 20 professionals and built our own solution to store, view, share and analyse histological data. We enhanced it by the power of Deep Learning to significantly augment capabilities of medical experts.

Leveraging the advantages of Cloud Solutions, AI & ML we make the Second Opinion available to everyone and extract deep knowledge from pathology slides for the benefit of Patients & Doctors.

We believe that we can bring histopathology to the new level of speed and precision, find new insights in medical data and contribute to the development of personalised cancer treatment.

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Additional information: – Ramon Gromov’s email address

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

* 3:18​ – What is AiBion and how do they help cancer diagnosis?

* 9:42​ – AiBion’s top-notch medical experts team.

* 15:37​ – AiBion is receiving grants from leading companies.

* 20:11​ AiBion’s business structure and growth plan.

* 22:38​ – What will AiBion be like in the next 5 years?