This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with CEO of Versus Rewards, Daryl Hemingway.

In this episode, Brian and Daryl talk about the genesis of Versus Rewards, how it works, their easy app registration process, and why investors should put their money into Versus Rewards.

About Versus:

VERSUƧ is where fans play. VERSUƧ is the fan participation platform where fans Play, Compete, Win and chat with friends during live sports. Using our proprietary game sync technology and Fanchat, fans predict a play in real-time, show off their fandom with trivia and contests, climb the leaderboard, challenge their friends, earn V$ points, prizes and bragging rights.

VERSUƧ solves the $80 Billion dollar problem of sports marketing: no data to know if it works, by delivering brands engagements up to 18X higher than social media. We track insights and behaviour data to deliver sponsors and teams return on every dollar spent.

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Email Address – Versus Website

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

7:11​ – What’s the idea behind Versus Rewards?

17:31​ – Versus Rewards provides no-fuss app registration.

19:45​ – How Versus Rewards give value to their users?

21:25​ – Versus Rewards’ plan for growth.

28:47​ – Call to Investors: Why should you invest in Versus Rewards?