In this episode, Brian and Allison discuss how Rozzy Learning started, what is their goal, their target markets, and plans for growth.  

About Rozzy Learning Company:

Rozzy Learning Company sparks kids’ interest in careers. All Rozzy programs are career-infused and give students real-world experiences. Rozzy programs are affordable and easy-to-use for teachers. Rozzy’s signature program, STEM Career Adventures, is the first STEM career program for K-8th grade.

STEM Career Adventures lets students clean up an oil spill like a marine biologist or design a blueprint like an architect. All of Rozzy’s programs are digitally-delivered and can be used in the classroom, after school programs, camps, and at home.

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Top 5 favorite moments:

4:02 – How Rozzy Learning Company Started

8:57 – Rozzy Learning Company’s unique approach to learning

19:06 – Rozzy Learning Company’s 100% adaptive curriculum

22:27 – The company’s major goal for 2022

31:53 – The time to invest is now

Additional Info: – Allison Bischoff email address – Rozzy Learning Company website