This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Arpit Kaushik of Hypha!  

In this episode, Arpit & Brian talk all about what innovation is, the inspiration behind Hypha, how companies use Hypha for their organization, Hypha’s future plans and their revenue growth.  

What is Hypha?

For enterprises focused on driving growth through innovation, Hypha is a knowledge management platform that allows teams to find, share and reuse knowledge more easily, generate new ideas faster and create better solutions. Through connecting and integrating qualitative and quantitative knowledge, insights and data – from both inside and outside the organization – Hypha unlocks value and provides new opportunities for transformational growth.

Using a revolutionary combination of graph technology and AI/ML processing, the Hypha solution is mapped against an enterprise’s unique organizational structure, and it enables three unique innovation lenses of Hindsight, Cross-Sight and Foresight.

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

9:23 – What does “Hypha” mean?

12:55 – Hypha’s genesis was inspired by using graph database & graph technology.

21:50 – How Hypha continues to grow? A hint: they are always improving their technology and as a result they acquire more customers.

24:29 – How customers use Hypha?

28:45 – What are Hypha’s future vision and growth plans?

Additional information: – Hypha website – Arpit Kaushik email address