In this episode, Brian and Farokh talk about what data analytics is and how it’s helping e-commerce companies grow, and  Formaloo‘s ultimate goal for 2021.  

About Formaloo:  

Formaloo is the first real data analytics and customer data platform, made for business owners, not data scientists.  

Formaloo focuses on growing e-commerces, to grow their revenue from their existing customers and help them keep their customers. We offer a super simple and totally automatic data collection and machine learning solution without any code, so they can really understand their business and their customers and act on it to boost their Loyalty, LTV and CX.

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

9:42​ – Formaloo makes data analytics easy as 1, 2, 3!

12:06​ – Why E-commerce businesses are the target audience of Formaloo?

12:44​ – How does Formaloo help E-commerce businesses?

25:33​ – Formaloo’s goal is to become the top data analytics company in 2021.

30:52​ – Farokh Shahabi talks about his entrepreneurship journey & starting Formaloo.

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