This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Saeed Talebzadeh, Founder and CEO of DataCalculus.

In this episode, Brian and Saeed talk about what makes DataCalculus different from other Estonian startups, how they are ready for growth, their plan to triple their revenue, and the great feedback they get from their mentors!  

DataCalculus is the first software that not only empowers data experts to be four times more productive but also enables the executives to develop AI-Driven strategies in one single day. Now, C-suites and heads of departments can confidently create their action plans by data-validated strategies.

Top 5 Favourite Moments:

2:57​ – What inspired Saeed to start DataCalculus?

12:03​ – The feedback that DataCalculus gets from hundreds of mentors.

14:33​ – DataCalculus is ready for growth!

18:13​ – What makes DataCalculus different from other startups?

23:08​ – How is DataCalculus building their foundations for growth?

For more information visit, DataCalculus here.