This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Mona Sharma and Craig Goodwill of Xicama™.

In this episode, Brian, Mona and Craig talk about the health benefits of Jicama, how Xicama™ came to be, what they went through from getting the right recipe down to the packaging, what makes Xicama™ different from any other health beverages out there and their vision for Xicama™ 5 years down the road.

About Xicama:

Xicama™ was created by celebrity Nutritionist and Wellness Educator, Mona Sharma. For over a decade, Mona has worked with her clients including Will Smith, Julianne Hough and Hrithik Roshan, studying the connection between food, gut health and vitality. Having recovered from two heart surgeries and with a family history of autoimmune disease, Mona was amazed at the power of food to heal and strongly believes “food is medicine”. Mona’s mission for Xicama™ is to create a line of functional food products that deliver the gut and immune-boosting benefits, without sacrificing on great taste and fun! After a successful Coachella activation, where Xicama™ broke sales records, Xicama™ will soon be the next global superfood brand.

Immerse yourself in the refreshing and delicious taste of jicama (hee-kama). The ancient Latin American root has powerful gut and immune boosting benefits. This superfood combined with splashes of natural ingredients and 5g of prebiotic fiber tastes as good as it feels. Let this magic sparkling elixir reignite your mind-body connection.

Xicama™ first-to-market product is a collection of 3 prebiotic jicama waters created by award-winning beverage architects Bar Lab, this is only the beginning for Xicama™. Along with these new and innovative Jicama-based products, Xicama™ will be launching Jicama Gut Shots, and Jicama Flour, Jicama Milk, Jicama Pizza Dough, cakes, snacks and more in the near future.

Top 5 Favorite moments:

5:07​ – What is Jicama?

10:27​ – Xicama™ is the #1 selling beverage (after water) in Coachella.

16:46​ – Xicama™’s plan to take over the world.

23:26​ – What makes Xicama™ different from other health beverages?

36:47​ – Where will Xicama™ be in 5 years?

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