This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Chris Erhardt of Tunedly!

In this episode, Brian and Chris discuss what music royalties are and how musicians make money from it, the genesis of Tunedly, Tunedly’s partnership with A-list music companies, and why investors should get in touch with them.

About Tunedly:

Tunedly is one of the most recognized companies among songwriters worldwide in only four short years, by transforming a traditionally location-based business model (recording studio) to a fully digitalized online business.

Tunedly is a one-of-its-kind online music recording studio providing a fresh approach to creating real music with the world’s best musicians. So if you’re looking into making real music online, Tunedly is the perfect place for you.

Whether you’re a music vet or a newbie, you will find that making music with us is almost as easy as breathing. Plus, there are opportunities to get the exposure you deserve, and all the tools and support you need to get from song ideas to radio-ready music, and everything in between.

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Top 5 Favorite moments:

9:52​ – Tunedly was created for musicians & by musicians!

13:51​ – Tunedly helps session musicians by making sure all of them stay busy with projects.

15:45​ – Tunedly handpicks the best songs created from Tunedly for exclusive publishing deals.

23:58​ – Chris discusses Tunedly’s growth strategy.

26:38​ – Call to investors: Why should you invest in Tunedly?

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