Is your start-up ready for investment at its current stage? You must be honest with yourself and not become tempted when you’re not ready. We will break down this question to see how confident you are in your business, and how prepared you are to tackle this dilemma.

Key Question 1: Is your company a Tech-Enabled Business or Service-Based Business?

    If you are doing a service-based business, you should focus on investors who really care about revenue and profits-  they won’t expect more that 5 times the return on their investment. If you are a tech-enabled business, the investors you target may expect 10 times the return on their investment or more. Before you pitch to investors, make sure you target the right investors. During an interview with Expert DOJO, Super Angel Asher Leids shared his advices about finding the right investors for startups. 

Key Question 2: Would you lend yourself money?

   You only have $5,000 in your bank and you have to pay your mortgage in 18 months or you will lose your house. Would you put that $5,000 in your business to pitch to investors? The answer depends on whether you have set up a milestone plan that can help you reduce the failure probability.

Key Question 3: Can you get your People, Process and Product right as quickly as possible?

   Companies only fail because they run out of time. And they always fail in these three categories: People, Process and Product. The right people give you good advice to help your business grow. The process is the journey the public takes toward becoming your customer. The right product brings true value.CEO & Founder of Expert DOJO Brian MacMahon shared his advice about how to avoid hiring the Wrong people for your startup.

Remember: no two investors are equal. No money is equally smart. Don’t blindly chase investment when you are not ready. It is all about strategic milestone planning and execution.