Our principles

We decided when we opened our doors to not go with the herd and we publicly opposed lean Startup as a methodology.  The startup failure rate is not acceptable to us so we created our own system called “Agile Foundation” to build you a better machine. This machine combines the right community with strong strategic planning and at the core of everything is human centric design.  Our training is now a fixture at virtually every major conference in California, our investor Festivals are the biggest in SoCal and our Academy members are more successful that those who are not.

Success rate

 At the recent Ideas Festival two of our companies won the main prizes and we could not be happier for Healoraand PopChest.  Both are great companies with funding and acceleration being rightly offered to them.

Of our other members we have had everything from 500% revenue increases to successful launches.  We don’t always get it right we we always give 100% and our success rate against objectives is at 26% verses 5% outside Expert DOJO.  We have also never failed in a crowdfunding campaign and we are very proud of our latest VeggiDome project.  With the communities support we will continue to make sure our only mission is to leave no startup behind

Why we did not take any outside investment to build Expert DOJO

Our message to you is that you should build a great business and make it revenue sustaining or user validated so you can then get the right investment only if it makes sense.  We leased our space thanks to our partnership with Santa Monica Place, Got our furniture thanks to Cort, built our platform thanks to the incredible web dev firm, Enkiand built our brand thanks to the best brander we know Tatyana Luethi.  We took no money from outside and committed to you that this will remain the case for our first two years.  We will always help early stage startup and we will always practice what we preach.


Not only are we bringing the investment market closer to our Expert DOJO members but we are also working with multiple city officials and large private companies to make sure that every resource available is in place to increase success in Santa Monica.  Most recently the SBDC decided to come back to Santa Monica and make Expert DOJO there home.  This is all for you.

Training and startup program

We don’t believe in startup training courses and never have.  Being a startup is not a straight line from A to Z.  Our belief is that we have to use peer to peer support and training in a very structured way.  Our 12 step program covers, market validation, Branding, Business foundation, Business Planning, Development and Design, Team Building, Culture and Leadership, Acquiring users, Securing Investment, corporate culture and how to exit gracefully.  As an academy member check out our detailed marketing course, our market validation course and our success planning courses.  All are to help you succeed in business

Whats next.

Why you want to join Expert DOJO now 

Up to this point we have allowed our space to be used by everyone but with our growth in members we are finding that there is just not enough space for them.  We are also incorporating more funding opportunities and more coaching so, within the next month or so, we will have an annual subscription only for all new members.  It will be loaded with value but anyone who is on monthly membership prior to this will be able to keep this flexibility and get all the same value.  

Make sure you are an academy member.  Thats where all our love is  – http://expertdojo.com/upgrade/