Lots of people are starting businesses today but how many are planning out each step for success using the crowd all the way?  Not many. The reason why its so difficult to start, grow and exit a business is because many founders try to do this alone.  This is a big mistake according to Brian Mac Mahon, CEO of Expert DOJO.  To find the answer we need to look at companies who just get it right. Thomas Farmer from Healora is the model of how you should properly validate your business model, then build the right team, have specific SMART milestones and finally maximize the crowd to line up one success after another.  Here is what has been achieved in the last 9 months:

Healora was founded and launched with a patented algorithm to reduce the price of healthcare by up to 70% using prepaid cash pricing, after three months of face to face market validation.  Only when patients begged Thomas to help reduce the price of healthcare did he proceed with his Priceline model for healthcare..

At that time Thomas brought a new member to the team.  Julian Henley is one of the leading specialists in the USA and had patents in place for exactly what Healora was designed to build.  This team became unbeatable because of the complimentary skills and Industry relevance.

Thomas immediately sought industry validation for what he was doing and was instantly endorsed as member partner by the biggest healthcare association in Los Angeles, LACMA (Los Angeles County Medical Association) to help in their fight to improve and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Only after Thomas took advice from the best user experience people in the business did he start on development.  The Healora Website was built and deployed with mobile app planned for March 2017.  Stealth execution of product fit was based on using experts in this space such as Enki Technology.

Next came an award for the most innovative healthcare technology at the prestigious IDEAS Los Angeles annual conference sponsored by Tel Aviv University.

The company official launched in Santa Monica with panel event of supporters from Kaiser Permanente, Vesalius Ventures, Biocom, LACMA and LAVA.

The final validation came from doctors throughout Los Angeles with over 100 registrations across all 25 of the AMA specialties.  How many founders care so much for their customers that they validate to this level?  Not many, but this is the difference between creating a painkiller product and a vitamin product.

The next step was to bring in the crowd to democratize the fundraising process. Healora is launching in three states initially and that will cost over 1 million Dollars in the next 12 months.  The choice is to raise that investment by evangelizing the crowd to not only use the product but invest in Healora.  Healora partnered with crowdfunding experts, Crowdfunder and Expert DOJO to make this a reality and before the campaign has even started over $150,000 has been raised. Such is the power of the crowd.

Join the Healora journey over the next 6 months as we follow this rise from an idea whose time had come to the disrupter of an entire industry.  To contact Healora email