Date: June 24, 2024

In this episode of the Ignite Podcast, we welcomed Brian Mac Mahon, the spirited founder of Expert Dojo, one of the most proactive startup accelerators in Southern California. Their discussion offers a compelling critique of current venture capital practices, emphasizing a more ethical and growth-oriented approach to startup investment.

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·  Introduction and Guest Welcome (00:01-00:36)

·       The Accidental VC and Love for Growth (00:36-01:42)

·       Understanding Venture Capital and Funding Options (01:42-03:18)

·       The Highs and Lows of Venture Capital (03:18-06:38)

·       Venture Capital’s Impact on Society and the Economy (06:38-09:18)

·       AI and Blockchain: Contrasting Technologies (09:18-14:38)

·       The Evolution of Business and Technology (14:38-20:51)

·       Social and Economic Challenges in Modern Cities (20:51-26:21)

·       The Role of Venture Capital in Modern Entrepreneurship (26:21-32:18)

·       Expert Dojo: Philosophy and Future Direction (32:18-37:35)

·       Closing Thoughts and Future of Technology (37:35-42:29)

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