Date: August 30, 2023

In this episode, Harry speaks with Brandon Gerson.  Brandon Gerson is an entrepreneur, sales person, venture partner, and angel investor. Throughout his career, he has co-founded 3 companies, 2 were small exits, 1 was a small failure, and he is now working to ensure one – or more – of his portfolio companies delivers a big exit. At present he oversees deal flow and pipeline management at Expert DOJO, one of the world’s most active startup accelerators. In between professional endeavors he is a blessed family man who is working with his wife on raising 2 little girls to become future leaders in the free world. 

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0:00 – Intro

2:19 – How did Brandon get into angel investing?

5:51 – Brandon’s angel investing journey.

8:33 – How important are sales in product and business development?

11:19 – Great sales tip for founders

13:32 – Brandon’s role at Expert Dojo

16:18 – Why did Brandon join Expert Dojo?

17:50 – What does Expert Dojo look for?

19:57 – Application process for Expert Dojo

22:15 – What is the key to standing out at Expert Dojo

26:29 – What categories is Brandon most interested in?

30:23 – How to learn more about Expert Dojo

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