International Accelerator

This summer, Expert DOJO is embarking on an international tour to find the best businesses in the world. Expert DOJO exists within the fastest growing startup scene in the world, and we are setting out to find 20 companies to join us in Santa Monica, CA to take part in our international accelerator program.



For twelve weeks, chosen companies will be immersed in the unique ecosystem that makes up Silicon Beach, accessing American venture capital and gaining a competitive advantage to set them apart from the rest. Startups will receive a total investment of $100K including 20K in program fees and will participate in an intensive, three-month acceleration program in Santa Monica. In this program, founders will benefit from US business training as well as comprehensive networking opportunities with investors and potential business partners in the LA ecosystem.


Participants will enjoy:

  • Introductions to strategic partners and investors
  • Design market fit
  • Business development training
  • $100k investment including $20k in program fees.
  • Perks from Expert DOJO’s partners, including a 90% Hubspot discount, free application for Brex credit card, credits from Amazon Web Services, and many more.
  • Opportunity to work in an environment where other entrepreneurs want to help each other.



  • Israel
  • Mexico
  • South korea


  • Canada
  • India


  • Europe
  • United Kingdom


Starting a business in California is an exciting and rewarding experience. However, entrepreneurship also comes with a lot of challenges if you don’t know where or how to start. It’s no surprise that the majority of entrepreneurs come to the US, specifically California, and fail. The competitive landscape is unlike others they have encountered, and it takes a seasoned entrepreneur to know how to navigate its unique ecosystem.

Starting in September, twenty companies will arrive in Silicon Beach to begin our 12 week, international accelerator program. Every day is broken into three broad categories: learning, collaboration, and execution.

Sample Day:

10:00AM – 12:00PM: LESSONS

Here at Expert DOJO, we focus on eight pillars of business development: mindset, branding,  foundation, communication, influence, marketing, investment.

Depending on the day’s focus, we will bring in an expert to share his or hers expertise regarding the subject. The lessons will be in a lecture setting, allowing our cohort to learn from the greatest minds in their given fields.

12:00PM – 1:00PM: LUNCH


The next two hours, the cohort will participate in peer feedback regarding their companies. We will break into smaller groups of four (rotating each day) to discuss the day’s lesson in reference to your personal business. Members are encouraged to ideate together in order to solve problems and help one another.

3:00PM – 3:30PM: BREAK

3:30PM – 6:00PM: EXECUTION

The last part of the day is dedicated work time to apply the lessons to your business.


There are thousands of accelerators out there, but what makes Expert DOJO different is our community. Our priorities lie with the start ups’ success,Expert DOJO is a pre-seed startup accelerator in Southern California, based in Santa Monica. The Accelerator program is designed to help startups get to the next round and work with them on the milestones to get there. Expert DOJO improves the success rate of early-stage entrepreneurs with investment, foundation, influence, community, branding, marketing, communication, mindset. Since 2014, we have worked with over 500 startups to accelerate their growth and success. Entrepreneurs love Expert DOJO and the power of our startup community. All entrepreneurs in our programs have agreed to support the whole community as we get stronger together.


Dr. Romina Ghassemi
Founder and CEO of BAX-U Posture Support Products

Craig Caryl
Founder and CEO of Smart CSM

Wade T. Micoley
Founder and CEO of RealtyHive



Here at Expert DOJO, we understand that every company is unique, and with that, every company has their own, individual needs. If the international accelerator is not the right fit for your company or the stage that you’re in, we have other programs that may suit you.


  1. Growth Studio – Our growth studio is a monthly, paid program with various levels of commitment. The programs vary from access to our online courses to one-on-one, curated meetings with our investors.
  2. Venture Studio – This program is ideal for companies who aren’t an appropriate fit for our accelerator programs. In exchange for a small equity stake (between 2-10%), Expert DOJO will commit to connecting you to our investor community to raise follow on investment. This is a much smaller, niche program.