What is Expert DOJO's International Program about?

Expert DOJO International program is designed  to help  foreign entrepreneurs

raise capital and expand their startup in the US and globally. Every year we invest $1000,000+

on 20 top companies from one country. Learn more about our three step approach to help you accelerate.

Step 1:

Local Training

  • Digital Training Courses designed for startups in specific country
  • Weekly Coaching with US top Business Coaches
  • Community Support from Southern California Entrepreneurs

Step 2:


  • $50,000 seed funding from Expert DOJO
  • 18 month Business plan
  • Two week Training in Silicon Beach

Step 3:

Invest and Grow

  • More rounds of funding through Expert DOJO
  • Branding
  • Growth Hacking

What's included in the program

The plan

Our International accelerator is a twice a year, 6-month program where we partner with local governments and corporations to improve startup’s global success.  It begins with a local Corporate Venture Partner investing 1 million USD into the development of 20 startups during the year with 100% of the funds being invested in the startups themselves. Local government will support with any tools available.

What makes us unique

Expert DOJO are the fastest growing accelerator in Southern California.  Over 400 companies went through our program in Santa Monica in the last year and we have worked with Governments from South Korea, Italy and Israel to replicate our success in their regions.  Our focus in the end is always on bringing international companies to our 8,000-square foot facility in Santa Monica to help them scale.  Most accelerators are limited by the amount of companies they invest in however Expert DOJO have the ability to impact an unlimited amount of companies in any country through our digital learning programs as well.

Program Breakdown

We train our entrepreneurs in local language courses how to build a product from the start.  This covers branding, product fit, Market Validation, Human centric design, User acquisition, foundation, team building, legal and finance.  We call this program our Milestone Sprint because it allows us to help entrepreneurs to hit objectives quicker with a strong revenue or user generation focus.

Week 1- Week 10

We train our entrepreneurs  how to build a product from the start using Agile Management method. It allows us to help entrepreneurs to hit objectives quicker with a strong revenue or user generation focus. covers branding, product fit, Market Validation, Human centric design, User acquisition, foundation, team building, legal and finance.

Week 15- Week 19

After learning the fundamentals we now train on finding investment. Its very difficult for a startup to succeed without substantial funding over time and Expert DOJO will make sure that our strong relationships in America are duplicated locally.

Week 11- Week 14

Our next focus is Marketing. In Expert DOJO we prefer a business development focus than the old-fashioned approach of lean startup and strong marketing is the key to this.  Our digital marketing training will include paid Advertising, SEO, Affiliate, Partnerships, Social Media, content, email, outreach and influencers.

Week 20- Week 21

Now it’s about getting ready to pitch to our partners.  We will show our startups bow to build the right business plan for the best target market.  This will include presentation decks and marketing plans. Everything is positioned from an American scaling focus point.

Week 20- Week 21

Come to LA and have your expenses covered for legal, healthcare, visa, accommodation, travel, training and connections.  These two intense weeks will be the first time the startup will be in the United States but we will make sure they are very comfortable in our accelerator on the beach in Santa Monica.  Expect to be pitching to at least 50 top investors and partners as well as learning everything needed to set up and be successful in the United States.

The Circle of Influence

The challenge with most accelerators is not only the lack of training but also that so few startups get to partake.  Expert DOJO reject nobody.  Everyone can take part in our digital training and as companies improve they then have the opportunity to be one of the 20 companies who receive the $50,000 ($40,000 in investment & $10,000 to cover the USA trip).

Everyone Wins.


Startups are like undefended sheep in the early stages.  Without support its very difficult for the stray sheep to survive and this is why so many fail.  The Expert DOJO system is to create a circle of influence around the startups so that innovation is retailed while the strength of herd drives higher survival rates. This circle of influence begins with the Government influence, is supported by corporation investment and connections and is secured with Expert DOJO education, International perspective and strategy.  Governments love this because more startups succeed and global unicorns are possible through exposure to a top accelerator in Silicon Beach, California, which is the center of global innovation (no longer Silicon Valley)

Corporate Venture Partners

For a small investment, corporations, not only get to actively help your community, but also hold equity in 20 companies who all have the opportunity to be unicorns.  It’s a smart move to harness technology which could also be needed in-house and also stay on the cutting edge of innovation while you are at it.  There is little active work required, unless you want to, as Expert DOJO manage the whole local and international accelerator program.


Get help, investment, partners, structure, a guide to success and new partners with large corporations and Government bodies.  Expert DOJO are the specialists in early stage startups and we want to be the reason you succeed.  Any questions can be directed to info@expertdojo.com and all other information can be found through our site.