As promised we have invested in 40% more companies in these past two months than in any previous cohort.  
As promised, we have a bigger gender, race and socio-economic mix in this upcoming cohort than ever before

As promised, the cohort program is more aggressive and cohesive than ever before with over 200 trainers, investors, mentors and providers taking part.

As promised, our cohort company standard is as high as always and the program starts on the 4th of May.

As promised, we always involve the community when we help build great companies. We want Growth hackers, Strategists, coaches, technologists, brand specialists and all other startup mentors and investors to take part in our accelerator program.  The ask is very simple.  We will have you spend between 1 hour and 3 hours (your call) with different startups sharing your skills and expertise to give them a better chance of success.  You are the superheroes who lift our startups to the sky and we salute you.

Apply to mentor the greatest startups in LA alongside your peers