● New wearable targets vagus nerve to improve health and reduce stress

● Originally created for PTSD sufferers, now available for everyone

● Game-changing Infrasound (low-frequency vibration) Resonance Engine

● Transmits sound at multiple frequencies for immediate relaxation

Stress and anxiety are unsurprisingly rampant and on the rise. Anxiety UK has reported a 35 percent increase in calls since the coronavirus outbreak began, whilst 45 percent of adults in the US state that the pandemic has affected their mental health.

For the millions of people self-isolating at home, tackling personal stress and anxiety has never been so difficult. There are countless techniques for building resilience – from yoga and meditation to exercise and mindfulness apps – but they are tough to master when an individual is battling with anxiety, lack of sleep, and other mental or health issues.

The new Infrasound Resonance Engine technology inside Sensate II was meticulously built to fast-track relaxation and serve as a shortcut to profound calm.

So it can play its part ensuring the lockdown doesn’t develop into a mental health crisis, BioSelf Technology has accelerated the production of this pioneering resonance-based vagus nerve stimulation wearable.

It’s a palm-sized, pebble-like device that sits on the chest and syncs with a free mobile app. Combined, the app and wearable can help anyone improve mental wellbeing and build stress resiliency with a 10-minute daily session.

Have you ever wondered why a purring cat sat on your chest is so calming? Sensate II uses multi-frequency infrasound to regulate the nervous system and engage the vagus nerve, the neural superhighway that connects the brain to the gut. It’s part of the parasympathetic nervous system and can calm our “fight, flight, freeze” emergency response when stress overwhelms us, bringing our body into balance.

The full experience kicks in when a combination of meticulously composed sounds synchronize with the near-infrasonic rhythmic pulses from the Sensate II. Designed to deliver immediate relaxation and health benefits more commonly associated with long-term meditation practices, a session a day can result in improved heart rate variability, which is a key marker for health.

Following the sellout prototype Sensate in 2018, Sensate II is reimagined:

● Improved ergonomic design builds on the already classic ‘pebble’ concept.

● An entirely new way to transmit “felt sound” in the low-frequency register into the human body, with the totally redesigned engine.

● Prototype Sensate achieved single-frequency sound, while Sensate II has been upgraded to create multi-layer frequency, boosting impact and nuance.

● 800% increase in battery life

● Sophisticated full color LED

● Smart new lanyard design

● New accessories including neoprene carry case and clay bead eye pillow

Users of 1,000 prototype Sensate devices report:

● Feeling instantly relaxed

● Improved deep sleep (tracked with a sleep tracker)

● Lower resting heart rate and heart palpitations

● Improved blood pressure readings

● Better stress management

● Reduced anxiety and depression levels

● Feeling happier

● A profound calming effect

● Improved focus

(Taken from unsolicited user testimonials)

Sensate II is available for pre-order from 1 May and will ship throughout Summer 2020. It costs £299, but is available to pre-order from www.getsensate.com for £199 for a limited period.

Stefan Chmelik, founder of BioSelf Technology and creator of Sensate, explains: “Stress and mental health issues are a 21st-century health crisis, with 300 million people globally suffering from depression and anxiety.

“Human beings have made their chest vibrate and resonate since the first hominids sat in a circle thumping their chests and howling at the moon. Through song, chant, mantra, prayer, oming, breath, meditation and music, we have found ways to stimulate feelings of wellbeing, harmony, and belonging.”

“Sensate seeks to emulate this, consistently and without training, using technology to recreate these natural chest harmonics, without effort and in 10 minutes a day.”

“10 minutes of deep relaxation is like a super-charged power nap as Sensate’s infrasound is designed to ‘massage’ the vagus nerve with precise musical vibrations that soothe and calm the user, from the first session”.

Guide: How to use Sensate

Sensate works in as little as 10 minutes a day, but many people experience greater benefits from a longer session. It works best in a quiet environment, so is perfect if at home, but Sensate can be used anywhere there’s a quiet spot to relax. Just place Sensate on the chest, pop on headphones and pair with the free app to choose from a collection of meticulously composed soundscapes. Tap play on the app, close your eyes and experience a shortcut to profound calm. Each session varies in length from 10 to 30 minutes and a fully charged Sensate lasts up to one week with daily use.

For more information, interviews with Stefan Chmelik or a reviewer sample, contact Nic Corns at nic.corns@makehoney.com

About BioSelf Technology

BioSelf Technology has developed pioneering, clinically validated, wearable technology that offers a solution for a time-poor generation to the exponentially growing stress pandemic. More than ever before, the world needs a short-cut to emotional regulation in this time of global crisis. Regular relaxation and meditation are well established as the most effective ways to self-manage stress; however few people have the time to learn or practice this important skill.

BioSelf is behind Sensate, a paradigm-shifting wearable device that decelerates stress in real-time. It uses Patent Pending novel technology which was developed and has been in operation in a Harley Street clinic over the last three years with highly successful patient results.

For more information about Sensate II, visit: https://www.getsensate.com/