Here are some more tips and tricks for you from the Expert DOJO accelerator on how to keep your business growing. We know that things are tough now and long before this crisis began we started our podcast with entrepreneurs where we brought, first Investors and then entrepreneurs to talk about how they can grow their business. We, at the DOJO, have always felt that the startup game should never have been about raising money. It should always have been about growing businesses and growing them strong! Therefore, we are sharing with you one of the tips on our podcast.

And by the way, go to our website at Expert, look at “resources”, go into “podcast” and listen to them. There are hundreds of episodes from startups that are all growing their businesses and getting stronger. And now that they are faced with this difficult time and they are not being fazed because they are prepared. So listen to the podcast and learn from all of the tips that we have for startups!

Getting back to the tip of today which is “Build your militia army!”

The way to grow your business is by hiring 1099 which are independent contractors. These are folks that are prepared to work either for a small stipend and big commissions or sometimes big commissions only. This is where you build your huge team of people. You can find folks on craigslist and LinkedIn. There are 6 million people in the US that have just claimed unemployment. All of those people are looking for ways to make money and all of those people are in different circumstances than they were in 2, 3,4 months ago when they may have wanted a really big salary.

This is when you build your militia!

1. Put your ad on craigslist and talk about the opportunity: make sure you create very strong objectives for people to follow!

2. Do mass interviews to bring people through.

3. Have somebody on your team that is solely dedicated to working with your 1099 new militia army.

4. Put as much of the information about how they sell and what they sell into an automated video format.

5. Make sure there is a very specific process to follow.

I have seen entire marketing channel pipelines being disrupted and changed through times like this. Because people have realized that actually having a militia army is so much better than the Facebook ads that we normally have to pay for which only give a tiny return.

So go out and build your army! Make sure that you have hundreds and even ten thousands of people evangelizing your product. Let them do it in any way they can: PR, media, outreach, cold calls, emails – Everything! All the way through! Make it huge! And as a startup – stand strong. Remember, the most difficult times that you face when you are growing your business are actually the time of greatest opportunities.

As said in much darker times before, in the greatest darkness we are closest to the dawn. We are almost there – so fight on startups! Remember that this is the time to grow your business and independent contractors, interns, 1099, college graduates these are the people that will help you grow and get strong!

Good Luck to you all from the Expert DOJO team!