This week on Art of Startup War, Expert DOJO CEO and founder Brian MacMahon interviews Ken Rosenblood about his background as a successful entrepreneur, with multiple prosperous startups under his belt. 

Starting from a young age, Rosenblood was surrounded by business and entrepreneurship. His Dad invented the mechanical baseball pitcher, and his mom was one of the first Canadian businesswomen making progress and gaining respect in the industry. From this background, Rosenblood developed a sense for business and an interest in the startup world.

After going to law school, or what Rosenblood dubs “marines for the mind”, the future successful businessman started, developed, and sold a shoelace company. Soon after, he did the same with a teeth whitening business. Now, the experienced entrepreneur is a member of the Santa Monica based Expert DOJO community, joining the startup accelerator with his newest business: obVus Solutions. This new piece of wellness technology is certain to turn heads, and the force of Rosenblood as an entrepreneur bodes well for the company’s success.

This week’s podcast is full of axiomatic statements perfect for startups looking to find investment and develop their business. Brian MacMahon says that “actually having your eyes open to a major problem, rather than just accepting how things are, you find something, you realize it could be much better, and then you go about fixing it”, pointing to an important characteristic of good entrepreneurs. Rosenblood and MacMahon go on to agree that “paranoia is good,” because it helps new companies in the startup community stay on their toes, ready with secondary, tertiary, and even quaternary plans of attack when things go wrong. A positive note is also struck when the two business owners agree that “for most great entrepreneurs, it’s not about the money at the start. The money is fine at the end… but it’s about the change you can bring in the world. It’s about looking at something and saying I did that.”

This podcast truly reinforces the importance of a motivated entrepreneur in a startup as an integral characteristic of success. Listen to the latest episode here, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.