Jean-Eric Khalife Discusses His Startup Strategy That Will Make His Game Successful

On this week’s Expert DOJO podcast, Jean-Eric Khalife goes in depth to discuss his startup RoboWorld, and what characteristics he and his team possess to make his business successful.

For starters, Khalife has an impressive background that makes him unique in the gaming world. He is called a “unicorn” in the gaming world because of his unique combination of skills as an artist and programmer. This combination of talents means that he is able to effectively build a team and attack game creation from all angles. 

Building on this idea, the podcast discusses the importance of T-Shaped people. That is, people who are relative experts and incredibly skillful in one area, but also have other areas of expertise. This type of person is sought after in the startup world, where small businesses must survive with less people while the demand for knowledge in skill stays the same as in larger businesses. Khalife is a T-Shaped person. 

Roboworld is also at an advantage, because of its founder’s respect for the gaming. Khalife even says that “a great game has to be fun. That is first and foremost”, and reflects this belief in his game development process, which includes plenty of play testing to determine the enjoyment of gameplay. This further enhances his game’s potential.

Listen to Episode #103 of the Art of Startup War here.

Roboworld is the first game ever to join Expert DOJO’s startup accelerator, a new member of its startup community. The Santa Monica based Expert DOJO fund is glad it was able to help the startup find investment.