Classic Stills Reports Increasing Revenue and Celebrity Partnerships

It is an exciting time for Rene Freling, CEO of Classic Stills, whose business is increasing in leaps and bounds. 

The startup and member of the Expert DOJO program is reporting quarterly revenue of over $100k. This is great news for the Expert DOJO, as Classic Stills come as another success story from the Expert DOJO fund. But there is even more for Freling to be jazzed about.

The startup also had its first celebrity partnerships this quarter. Stars like Dan Akroyd, Ernie Hudson, and Ivan Reitman signed prints from the Classic Stills collection, increasing the product’s value. The company hopes to continue to take advantage of relationships to Hollywood stars to make their collection stand out.

In other celebrity news for Freling, Kevin Harrington, a former “Shark”, has offered to revamp Classic Stills’ marketing strategy. Their current model which incurs little cost may be turned on its head by Harrington’s presence, but his preeminence in the field of marketing bodes well for the future of Classic Stills. Additionally, the world’s largest brand company, CAA-GBG, has also taken an interest in the Expert DOJO-backed startup, despite its usual apprehension towards working with newly established companies. 

After taking input from their fans, Classic Stills is ready to release their Harry Potter collection and the rest of their Endgame collection. The startup’s customer base, who has been engaged in the company’s process via social media, are eagerly awaiting these updates. 

All in all, Rene Freling has taken impressive steps to develop its business.