Elude Discuss Their Journey In Developing Their Revolutionary Travel Company

On this episode of The Art of Startup War, Elude founders Alex Simon and Frank Scerbo discuss what has made them a successful startup, and what their next steps will be. 

Elude is a travel booking company with a new quirk that appeals to younger travelers. With their service, you’ll be able to book a vacation based on the amount of money you have to spend, in addition to where you want to go. This idea has caught the attention of many investors and many more customers.

With over ten thousand clients served already, this company is hoping to expand their efforts, and even be able to introduce an algorithm that can do the research itself. But it’s not just about the business model for these guys, they have found out a truth that most startups eventually realize, and that’s the importance of networking.

As explained in the podcast, “networking really is king. One introduction leads to another which leads to another”. Elude’s networking has allowed the small startup to meet relevant investors and keep themselves growing – a necessity of the utmost importance in the startup world. Within and outside of the Expert DOJO community, they have been able to stay and thrive in the game of business development, in addition to finding essential partners with shared goals. “This is all about really smart networking, total perseverance, you find people that are aligned kindred spirits, then you build those bonds with those people”, says Elude. They are right.

While Elude still has a long journey to go, they are on the right track, and have the potential to grow into a huge company. Along the way, they will be helping many go on their dream vacation. As Elude founder Alex Simon said, “no one needs to go to a place and feel like they’re not at home”.

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