The Ministry of Transportation Need to Consider This!

Domenico Gallo, Founder of LaserAid

Inventor Domenico Gallo from San Prisco in the South of Italy has come to United States to improve the visibility of the roads and save more lives.

Since a young age, Domenico has been writing down ideas and has always dreamt of being an inventor. In Italy, Domenico has worked on multiple million-dollar products, but it was always been through other entrepreneurs. It wasn’t until 2012 that he really stuck to one idea and felt like he could start a successful business from it. Domenico took his idea to a patented invention because he felt a true purpose behind it, more than any project he has had before. 

On a cold, foggy winter night at 2:00 am in 2012, Domenico witnessed a terrible car accident in Pignataro Maggiore, a small town in Italy, where two young men lost their lives. A few days after the incident, Domenico did some research on accidents in the fog, and quickly realized that it was a major worldwide problem. Domenico comes from a 20 year-long background in Electronically TLC engineering including time as an Operational Manager for the big players in TLC industry like Telecom, TIM and Siemens.

With this experience on his back, Domenico became very good at seeing technical solutions to problems. He started doing more and more research on how car accidents in fog could be prevented and came to the solution that laser-assisted lanes could help visibility in heavy fog. The solution seemed simple, but the problem was that current lasers could not be used for the roads since the beams were harmful for human eyes. Recognizing this issue, Domenico invented and patented a laser that could be used on roads to improve visivility, but also, more importantly, is harmless to the human eye. This marked the creation of LaserAid. LaserAid is the name of his invention; a laser that can help drivers see the road in extreme fog from more than 1,600 feet away. LaserAid is also helpful at night, in which the laser technology can be installed into the grown to improve visibility of crosswalks, railway platforms, metro stations. Domenico believes that the accident he experienced could have been prevented with his invention and he hopes that the creation of LaserAid will prevent car accidents worldwide. 

Image of foggy road at night without LaserAid.
Image of foggy road at night with LaserAid.

LaserAid is actively looking for investors to bring their product to the American market. Below is an illustration of how LaserAid could be implemented on the roads. To learn more about LaserAid, visit: