This week on the Art of Startup War, Brian MacMahon, who founded the startup accelerator Expert DOJO is interviewing Angel Investor Mike Jegat and entrepreneur Jeran Fraser. They discuss the journey of the startup, STACT, and how it was able to find investment from this particular Angel. Additionally, both Fraser and Jegat explain how they got their start working at opposing ends from the same industry.

Some incredible advice was shared. Fraser has an impressive and successful story of how his product developed. In fact, MacMahon even commends him for “always being in search of the perfect product fit,” which was developed through multiple startups. Now an Angel Investor, he tries to find similarly successful startups, such as STACT.

As the conversation turns to basketball, MacMahon rolls out a fun piece of trivia. Apparently, “a company is five times more likely to get venture funding if they have an NBA player on the founding team”. This is important to keep in mind if you’re friends with a Clipper or two. The podcast goes into more detail about the story of this investor-startup duo, all recorded in a small startup community in Santa Monica. Listen to episode #109 of the Art of Startup War here, or wherever you get your podcasts.