This week on the Art of Startup War, Brian MacMahon, Alex Kissin, and Nick Baker discuss the business strategy of DadWare, a company that developed a shirt for dads that reinforces the importance of skin to skin contact in early care for infants.

Nick Baker had the idea initially when his child was born, and he was told by the doctors to take off his shirt and hold his newborn. When Baker followed the doctor’s instructions, he was told that dads don’t normally follow the direction, despite the importance of this kind of physical connection. While continuing to take care of his baby, he was tearing holes in some of his shirts so that he could build a relationship with his child. Thus, he realized he could create an entire new shirt, to sell to other dads, to facilitate this parental connection. Right now the company is attempting to find investment from other sources, as well as hammering out their marketing strategy, and was interviewed by Expert DOJO representatives Brian MacMahon and Alex Kissin, who manage the Expert DOJO accelerator and fund in Santa Monica. Listen to the full podcast here, or episode #108 of the Art of Startup War wherever you get your podcasts.