Michael Harrington of Tuka Aims to Increase Profits for Musicians

On this week’s podcast Brian and Alex interview Michael Harrington about his new company: Tuka, which is attempting to change the music sharing marketplace to increase revenue for musicians. This company has an impressive way of working though specific hurdles most startups face. 

Firstly, the company lacks a CTO. Having someone technical on your team quickly becomes vital with a startup like Tuka. However, based on the brilliant advice given in this podcast, and Harrington’s resourcefulness, this issue has not been serious, and is quickly being solved. 

Secondly, Tuka needs to have a strategic plan to gain consumers in a double sided market. This means having specific courses of action to connect with listeners and creators of music, two very different demographics that require contrasting marketing strategies. Tuka is also easily rising to the challenge to conquer in this area.

Finally, Harrington is already entering the crowded niche of music streaming services. He must prove that his business is sufficiently different from the major players like Spotify and Apple music, in order to be successfully competitive. Harrington believes he can effectively function in this space. 

To hear Harrington’s strategy and business plan, and how it holds up against the questioning of expert investor Alexander Kissin, listen to episode #107 of the Art of Startup War.