How Dome Viewing Experiences are Changing Video Consumption

Sean Ahearn is the founder of Wisdome, a visual experience located in the Arts District of LA. His company hopes to franchise into different location and not only revolutionize the way people watch, but create a community inside the dome. 

“Dome is a venue that allows for expansion, that is not limited by four walls” says Ahearn, the innovative business owner. His efficiency and cost effectiveness is way ahead of his competitors, and his worldly experience allows him to take his business into international markets easily, especially other countries that are much more ready to handle an influx of dome locations in terms of bureaucratic hurdles and cultural readiness. Because of this, it makes sense that the goal of Wisdome was not to be “ahead of the curve but the crest of the wave”. 

As opposed to VR, viewing inside a dome is a great way to watch together, and have experiential visuals as opposed to that which comes from a flat screen. His goal is to put “humans into an experience that is more what the real world experience is like”, surrounded by sounds and visuals that go beyond a square TV. 

Wisdome was able to find investment in the Expert DOJO community in their startup accelerator, and will be excited continue to work with the DOJO in the future.