Expert DOJO are going to invest in more startups, more women, more minorities and support startups during this downturn. In the last week alone we have signed three new term sheets for new investments in great entrepreneurs.  Two of those startups were solo women founders.  We came into this crisis with aggression and we will leave it the same way.

When things are easy greatness is flimsy.  We are about to enter into a timeline when nothing is going to be easy and the way our startup community responds to this is going to help push America into a recession or get us past this one quickly.  Let’s make it the latter choice by design.

At Expert DOJO, we have a lot of tools at our disposal and we intend to use them all.  The first is our ability to invest and we intend to write more checks for $100,000 in 2020 than we did in 2019.

The second is our capacity to support and we intend to double down on training, support, strategy and help with finding follow on investment.

Finally we are going to launch our new non profit, Project 10,000. This is our give back to the community where we help launch and support 10,000 new non venture backable businesses.  More coming soon on this……

Recessions are caused because we change our behaviors in a negative way.  Expert DOJO will not bow down to this crisis at the risk of startups failing. Apply to our next Accelerator program on May 4th HERE    

Build strong.