Aggressively Organic

Aggressively Organic is one of Expert Dojo’s venture studio companies that we are very proud represent and this article will explain why.

The Founder himself; Jonathan Partlow is a true entrepreneur. Mr. Partlow also founded “A Better Appraisal Co” valued as high as $520M. After exiting his first startup, he is now looking forward to see what he can accomplish with Aggressively Organic and how he can make the world to a better place.

We live in an unhealthy environment, and for most of us, the food we eat is not that healthy either. We buy vegetables and fruits at Ralphs and Trader Joe’s, but we don’t know if the food is really organic and good for us. With Aggressively Organic you know what you eat.

Did you know that lettuce lose 90% of it’s nutrition within 24 hours of being harvested?

Aggressively Organic Micro Dendritic Pod™ grows food, flowers, houseplants and even trees (larger version) using a growth medium, water and nutrient solution using a Patent Pending Method and Process.

Mr. Partlow’s mission is to end food insecurity. They design simple sustainable micro grow systems so that anyone can grow their own food. Aggressively Organic’s Micro Dendritic Pods can grow more lettuce in even a 10×10 room than a traditional farm can grow in a half acre of land.

It does this without all the complexity or expense of hydroponic systems or the mess, bugs or risk that comes with dirt. There are No Pumps, No Filters – nothing to fail. Their micro dendritic pods™ allow you to eat from a still growing plant and get all the nutrition you’re missing when you buy any produce harvested more than 24 hours prior – like grocery store produce.

Having Aggressively Organic as a part of Expert Dojo is extremely exciting and we are expecting them to have a very promising future.

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