Our latest cohort company, Dstreet Games, is attacking a HUGE problem – only 2% Indians invest in stocks. 

For the rest of the Indians who have investable wealth (10-15%) stock investing is a mythical concept. Dstreet Games is changing this status quo by creating a digital playground for the new age Indian Investment Enthusiasts to learn more about the markets in a practical fashion. Focused on GenZ and Millennials, the platform combines – fantasy games, content and community – all at one place!

The games are like DraftKings for stocks. Users draft a stock portfolio instead of a sports team and compete against each other to see whose portfolio performs better over the period of the game (day, week, month). The platform has 2 Markets – Indian Stocks & Crypto (they will soon be going launching globally for crypto). They produce engaging  content through which they deliver stock investing 101 in formats tailored to the young audience – short form videos (TikTok/Reels), flash cards and quizzes.

The founders come from a very high pedigree – tier 1 academics, quant hedge fund, VC fund, 2nd time founder.


  1. The company has grown 100%+ MoM since launch and are acquiring users through Influencer Marketing which has been amazingly cost effective (<$0.05 per user). 
  2. At the current rate, they will hit the 500k users by the end of this year! 
  3. The company has over 100k users already and records over 10k portfolios being created on the platform every day. 
  4. To top it off their retention metrics are 3x the industry average. 

They are closing their Pre-Series A round ($750 k). 80% of it is already committed and there is little room left. Please contact us if you are interested in participating.

You can check out more about them here – https://dstreet.games/