By: Bar Barda

At Vetch, we’re creating the next generation of marketing. It’s an ambitious claim, we know, but one we truly believe in.

The concept is simple but effective, Vetch embeds content directly into the user journey to engage customers when it matters most. Videos are the most efficient form of media for encouraging engagement and delivering messages. Our mission is to create a symbiotic environment in which original content creators and leading companies can profit from one another.

Whether it’s driving users to key pages, prompting conversion CTAs or simply increasing time on page, our AI driven approach is already delivering for some of the world’s biggest brands. And while we’re proud of how much we’ve achieved so far, it’s even more exciting that we’re just getting started.

Since launching less than 6 months ago, we’ve rapidly grown our network of creators who are consistently delivering high quality content. Our partnership with Intel Gaming has seen more than 1,000 gamers from within the Vetch community showcase their content across three high profile gaming campaigns.

We’ve seen incredible results so far, so we’re more than doubling the number of creators in the coming months with multiple exciting campaign launches just around the corner.

What’s unique about our approach is the product’s ability to slot into existing user journeys or forge new ones. We’ve found implementing a Vetch content solution at the base of internal pages shuts the door on visitors exiting the site, re-engaging an almost lost user and re-injecting them back into the website through an attached call to action. Vetch content stands proudly on its own page too, a showcase page provides customers a grid of AI curated content, tailored to them with call to actions ready to convert when the time is right.

We’ve found our roots in gaming but it’s not just leading developers like Mediatonic and IO Interactive that benefit from our ability to engage consumers either. The ability to turn consumers into creators into brand champions works across the board. Behind the scenes we’re expanding our list of clients and working with household names from the automotive, lifestyle and fashion industries too.

It’s been a whirlwind first few months for Vetch, we’re growing fast and delivering results but we know this is just the beginning of the journey.

The next generation of marketing, is Vetch.

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