This week host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Ravi Chamria, Co-founder and CEO of Zeeve.

In this episode, Brian and Ravi discuss the future of blockchain technology, how it can help companies today and in the future, the challenges that Zeeve faced and how they overcome them, their wonderful team and lastly why this is the right time to invest in Zeeve.

About Zeeve Inc: 

Zeeve provides the most robust and secured infrastructure and automation platform to deploy and manage Blockchain nodes and networks for various protocols. Zeeve’s mission is to enable and strengthen the Decentralized Future for innovators to expand the Web3 infrastructure.

Zeeve was founded by a group of Blockchain, DLT & IOT developers and deployment enthusiasts. They have been testing & trying different blockchain protocols since the very inception of them. It is their effort & enthusiasm which has taken them to many hackathons, events and also toward giving shape to several enterprise product ideas. It is through those learning’s and experiences that Zeeve realised the need to focus on development & innovation while some automations are taking care of the deployment and updates.

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

11:11​ What is Zeeve doing in the Blockchain space?

12:42​ What are the challenges that enterprises face when entering into the blockchain space?

14:40​ What are the challenges that Zeeve faced during COVID-19?

25:25​ Ravi talked about the great team behind Zeeve

30:46​ Ravi and Brian discuss Zeeve’s fast-paced success!

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