This week, host Brian Mac Mahon speaks with Tomas Hultgreen of ContentMap!  

In this episode, Brian and Tomas talk about the idea behind ContentMap, how it works, and why you should invest and use ContentMap for your company or network.

About ContentMap:   

ContentMap develops and sells products around inventions on computer interface, search and file systems. The products make content in computers easier to find and easier to manage. Their inventions and technologies are also protected by patents!  

The ContentMap software saves time and frustration. You can move the mouse freely over all folders and more easily find content. You see it all in the helicopter view. It also gives improved results from search engines and a new easier drag-and-drop.   

ContentMap’s goal is to be the most recognized and appreciated solution for easy access and management of content in computers. The company’s solutions are available to companies and private customers alike. 

Top 5 Favorite Moments:

3:16​ – How ContentMap started

4:30​ – How ContentMap’s team leverages customers’ feedback for product success?

10:20​ – How does ContentMap work?

12:27​ – CEO Tomas Hultgren’s entrepreneurial journey

24:33​ – Why should you use ContentMap

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