Daniel Dietzel
Founder & CEO, Aphrodite

The world of commerce is changing fast –– faster than anyone expected, partially due to the last 15 months of global pandemic lockdowns. Commerce and e-commerce are no longer two different words: in 2020, more businesses signed up for Stripe than in the entire history of Stripe before that pivotal year.

Two years ago, a performance marketing agency founded by software and finance people made a wild prediction: one day, all economic activity would be conducted on SaaS platforms. The unit economics and nature of business itself made it inevitable. But the forced digitization of an economy operating remotely meant that transformation would happen in a matter of years, not decades.

Knowing where the puck was going to be, Aphrodite started building the business intelligence software to map this new landscape. Every business was switching from platform to platform to drive results. Aphrodite’s founders saw the CFOs of these companies using process-intensive BI tools like Tableau, while the CMOs were using turn-key analytics tools like Google Analytics and Dashthis.

To solve the problem, the Aphrodite team decided to create a tool that consisted of a marriage of the two: the hard numbers easily display the $33B the business intelligence industry is known for, with the turn-key, plug-and-play ease of the $160B analytics industry.

Way ahead of the curve, Aphrodite’s tools and dashboards have a sort of magic to them. They shouldn’t be that simple, people often think. But because all the data is now pre-standardized by SaaS platforms, the tools can be just that simple. It is in fact possible to build a “turn-key Tableau.” Aphrodite has done it, and they have begun onboarding customers left and right who are overwhelmed by their data.

We caught up with Daniel and asked a simple question: why did you pick this problem?

“One investor in Japan asked me early on why we decided to create a solution to this problem,” he told us. “I replied: ‘Because money is like math. It’s the same in every culture.’”

In a recent article, “From SaaS to CyberSecurity, 11 Standout Startups at SG Europe” featuring Aphrodite, Startup Grind stated, “No matter how hard we try, we can’t find this company’s Achilles heel.”

Check out Aphrodite here: https://aphrodite.io