Most of us have or know someone who has suffered from joint pain, back pain, a sports or work injury. The two most common choices presented by the medical community are to either “learn to live with the pain” or depend on synthetic drugs. Both of which, have serious side effects and risks. JointechLabs (JTL), an Expert DOJO cohort company, is an emerging leader in the field of outpatient autologous regenerative and rejuvenating therapies, presenting a viable and natural alternative. They are set to disrupt the $38B combined markets in medical aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthobiologics, and chronic wounds with their portable, easy-to-use technology.

Pictured above is JointechLab’s MiniTC®, an FDA-cleared portable medical device for isolation of cell-enriched fat grafts (microfat) at the point-of-care.

With years of research and development, collaboration with leading research institutes, and successful validations with practicing physicians worldwide, JointechLabs has built a range of patented, portable, and affordable regenerative medical products suitable for global markets. They recently launched the first of these solutions, a FDA-cleared medical device MiniTC®, commercially in the US. This is a one-of-a-kind FDA-cleared, disposable, portable device offering incomparable simplicity and convenience. It’s designed to isolate high-quality microfat at the point of care to be used in outpatient procedures.

JointechLabs genuinely integrates its technology into existing workflows of healthcare providers and medical aestheticians, expanding treatment options. In addition, it simplifies the next generation of regenerative medicine technology for everyday medical practices, patients, and communities. MiniTC® (USA) and Mini-Stem System® (EU and other countries) have several applications in medical aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, orthopedics and wound healing, among others. 

How You Can Be Involved:

JointechLabs is currently seeking capital to accelerate the Go-To-Market strategy and drive industry adoption. With part of the round already raised, this is a unique opportunity to ride the wave of disruptive technology. Specifically, one that improves the quality of life of millions suffering from pain from injuries or aging.

Join JTL on their mission to make natural regenerative therapies the first and lasting choice for healing and regeneration, while looking and feeling much better without any side effects.

Team Expertise:

Nathan Katz
30+ years of experience in the fields of stem cells established collaborations with experts in regenerative medicine. Led company to FDA clearance, massive IP portfolio.

Nishit Pancholi
15+ years of experience in regenerative medicine, business operations. Led the company’s regulatory approval strategies across clinical indications, and geographies.

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