By: Mansi Sharma

Why LifeChart is the need of the hour?

As society is moving towards a sedentary lifestyle due to which we can see a sharp rise in Chronic diseases, nearly half (approximately 45%, or 133 million) of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease. In India it is 30% and China, 33% and the numbers are growing rapidly. Dependency on modern medicine which provides short term relief and long-term side effects with lifetime suffering is

Current health care systems are already overburdened. India, with a total population of 1.39 billion only has 1 million doctors and 50% of the Indian population lives below poverty line, where the cost of modern medications are not affordable.

There is no solution so far which works on root cause elimination of chronic disease to manage the conditions.

How LifeChart is making a difference?

LifeChart aims to eliminate the problem from the root cause. Their mantra is to focus less on illness and more on the prevention and wellness. To help users tackle the challenging phases in their life, LifeChart is creating a holistic app which would create an eco-system of alternate wellness to provide society a healthy body, mind and soul.

“Through Yoga and Naturopathy, we are aiming to relieve users with chronic ailments like Diabetes, Thyroid, and PCOS. We house the best of Indian Yoga gurus who have been trained by Indian health ministry (ministry of Ayush), providing solutions to customers through our digital platform” says LifeChart co-founder, Mansi Sharma.

“For Chronic diseases like Hypertension, Anxiety, Stress, depression, insomnia etc. we have a mind counseling vertical where we have certified mind counsellors, phycologist, divine healers and meditation experts consulting patients through our exclusive 24/7 live- chat and call counseling feature. We are going a level up here and are working on Metaverse gamified features which will involve tradable NFTs as rewards for completing wellness related tasks to engage our customers and this would separate us from crowd says K. Sandeep (CTO & Co founder).

Growth so far

  • 10X growth in user base & 45% MOM growth in revenues
  • Built a strong community of 12k plus social media active followers
  • Out of total 20k plus users in just 4 months of launch ,we have major traffic from tier-1 & tier 2 cities
  • of India, with age groups from 25-55yrs old
  • Crossed 18k downloads in Google Play store
  • Over 4.4 rating in app

What does the future hold?

In the near future, LifeChart is planning to introduce more products in its Super app concept based on metaverse and gamification technology to create solutions for issues such as depression, anxiety, loneliness and more. This feature would allow users to interact with global communities, find their peers, friends etc. by completing some gamification & engaging tasks.

With their holistic and scalable approach as a digital platform, a gamut of opportunities can be expected. LifeChart is focusing on multiple revenue streams along with exponential growth in terms of revenue and users. They plan to be under unicorn club by 2024 and become the most loved health tech platform of the world.

Funding: LifeChart has been selected in Startup India’s program, been backed by Expert Dojo along with Nitesh Mittersain, the founder of India’s biggest gaming company, Nazara technologies. The brand is currently in talks with major tier-1 VC’s of India to raise their seed round of $1.5 million.

Founding Team

A business is nothing without the people who work behind the scenes. The founding pillars of LifeChart consist of serial entrepreneurs with proven successful exits records and previous experience with 3 Blitz scaled startups. Each co-founder comes with a rich management experience and expertise in their niche.

Mukul Shah (Co-founder, CEO): The driving force behind the successful startups, Mukul was Founder & COO of Yolo Bus (Acquired by Public Ltd company), Founder & CEO of Openworks (Coworking Co. Acquired by UHNIs Family Office), he has been an integral part of India’s biggest co living brand, Nestaway, where he served as (VP and Core Team Member).

Sanjay Jadoun (Co-Founder, COO): Technology enthusiast, Sanjay is the COO and previously has headed successful startups. Ex CEO- OLF (IRCTC authorized train food delivery co.), EX CSO- Log Brains (Fleet Management System), Ex-Founder- Aahar (D2C Food startup).

K Sandeep (Co-CTO): Sandeep is the backbone of the Technical & AI operations. A seasoned entrepreneur with experience in technology, he is the Ex CTO & Co-Founder of Incus Inc (Ed tech platform) & Ex Head of Technology- Click2Clinic (Health tech aggregator).

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