An Electric City Roadster for $9,900

Ampere Motor USA, a Shark Tank featured company, launched their revolutionary electric roadster at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November 2017. Buyers can place pre-orders to get on the waiting list for 2019 delivery. Ampere is determined to “Electrify Life” for car lovers. Ampere’s mission is to offer green, affordable, and exciting vehicles to everyone around the world!​ Expert Dojo is proud to have Ampere as part of Accelerator companies.

They have made tremendous progress in the past few months.  The most exciting news is they opened their factory in Irvine, California.  And they are building the Amperes Roadsters already!  Ampere is an electric city roadster for $9,900.

You are welcome to tour our plant and test drive the awesome Ampere Electric Roadster.

Tony and his partners launched the Ampere project more than four years ago. They have poured their hearts and souls into building green, affordable, and fun vehicles that everyone can enjoy. Currently, Ampere is working with world-class designers and engineers from the same institutions that have graduated designers for Audi, Mercedes, and Ferrari.