Who is ready for another season of A Game of Thrones? One of our portfolio companies, Fantasizr has partnered with The Verge 

Winter has arrived: the final season of the fantasy sports league A Game of Game of Thrones is back for one more round. This is it — the big one. The Verge is teaming up with Fantasizr to let people draft fantasy teams based on HBO’s series Game of Thrones, and rake in points based on individual character milestones. Season 8 will premiere on April 14th, officially kicking off the season, but first, players will need to assemble their teams, based on who’s still alive and in the game. 

So in order to know who’s still eligible for the draft, let’s take a second to remember what happened during last’s year Game of Game of Thrones. We’re largely still using the rules established by former Verge culture editor and original GOGOT-master Emily Yoshida, but there are some tweaks this year, so let’s go over those as well.

As usual, The Verge is building its own Game of Game of Thrones league, and our staffers will have our predictions and rosters in before the new season begins on April 14th. Start getting together your own team, and decide who you want to draft. Head over to Fantasizr now for more details.

About Fantasizr allows you to build a fantasy league out of ANYTHING. Fantasizr uses traditional fantasy sports frameworks to “fantasize” reality tv shows, sports, co-worker attendance, i.e., anything.

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