When you join our “Find Investment” program, you will gain multiple privileges to access to thousands of investors to help your business grow:

  • Meet investors from your industry every second week
  • Guidance to walk through pitches and business plans from coaches and investors
  • Weekly audio courses to teach you everything about find investment
  • Get listed on our site with your milestones shared with our investors
  • Our team will outreach to new investors in your sector on your behalf
  • Free tickets for our quarterly investor festivals

What you will get from our “Find Investment” program

Physically Meet investors 

We will arrange meetings with you and investors who fit your company every second week, and you will be able to pitch to 5 investors every month.

Showcase your company 

Your company  will be listed on our site with your milestones laid out so that our investors can follow you and your progress.

Largest Investor event in the United States

Our investor Festival is famous throughout the United States. We have hundreds of investors taking part and listen to pitches from startups. Your entry to this is free of charge.

Investor facing materials review

Every second week our coaches and investors will review and give valuable feedbacks to your pitches and business plans.

Reach out to thousands of investors

Our team will help you select investors fit your company most and keep reaching out to new investors in your sector on your behalf .

Investment Training Courses

Wondering how to find the right investors and what to say when you reach out & pitch to them? This course is designed for any startup looking for investment.


$999per month
  • 10 Week Training Course
  • Weekly Workshop
  • Investor Festival Tickets
  • Community Support in Slack

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:How often will the investor festival be hosted and what it will be look like?

The Investor Festival is the culmination of everything you will have worked on for the whole quarter and gives you the best possible chance of actually being successful during this fundraising week long drive.


Q2: What extra benefits can I get from this find investment program?

If after 3 months, you can’t find investments you need, you will receive free upgrades to deal with the areas you may be weak in including branding, communication, development growth, product fit, etc.

Q3:What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel the membership at any time, paying by the month.

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