This Shirt Will Change Your Posture

Our lifestyle choices leave us with hunched shoulders and terrible posture. The misalignment leads to incorrect use of the body during sports and other physical activity. The ExcessPWR Sports Shirt realigns the shoulders and activates the core to give you the best posture for any activity.

The shoulder straps lock your shoulders in a backward position. You lock it in and cinch it up based on your body type. The shirt uses our patented technology to perfectly lock your posture in place. When you enhance the power and reduce loading on the joints, your muscles work exactly the way they are supposed to.

If you are a professional athlete, or if you strive to be one, this posture correction increases the performance of your shoulder. We measured shoulder strength, motion, and direction by documenting the velocity of a throw in Dynamic Motion (running and throwing) and Static Motion (standing and throwing) while hitting a target. Athletes were able to increase the velocity of a pitch by 1 – 4 miles per hour on average. This increase in performance is something a professional athlete would pay millions of dollars for. Image running faster, feeling stronger,  breathing better and feeling more powerful. How would that change your game?

This increase in performance is something a professional athlete would pay millions of dollars for.

Better alignment of the shoulders supports spinal muscles and grants the body access to its most efficient power. With time, muscle memory changes to the new alignment, enhancing balance to the the nervous system and promoting proper use of the shoulders, all day – every day.

About the Founder:

Dr. Romina Ghassemi is a chiropractor and an inventor. She has been in practice for over 25 years, she specializes in correcting poor postures and eliminating pain naturally. The problems Dr. Romina found were (1) patients didn’t find time to complete prescribed exercises and (2) the products they used were big, bulky, complicated, or just didn’t fit their daily lifestyle. As if that was not bad enough, everyday life, poor sitting and slouching, improper sleeping and workout habits, and daily activities like texting and driving caused recurring injuries.