Expert DOJO has made Initial Investment in V One

Expert DOJO, startup accelerator in Santa Monica, announces that it has provided initial investment to V One, a square space of mobile apps with a human engine.

V One enables aspiring tech entrepreneurs to get their app idea out of their head and into the cloud for only $197/month. At that price, virtually anyone can now make an app. 

“People asks what makes us unique; what’s our secret sauce? I say no one can figure out how we make a customizable app for under $200 a month. Also, as long as it stays that way and we keep delivering results to our customers we will always have our version of the Coke formula,” said Jeremy Redman, CEO of V One.

In only two months they are launching three dozen ideas with dozens more coming with a staff of two and remaining profitable. Saving aspiring tech entrepreneurs thousands of dollars and closing the technology inequality gap at the same time. The single mother who never thought she could afford it, the inner city girls group, the 60-year old and her church app, the brick n mortar shop owner, and the immigrant who wanted to make a dating app. 

“Expert DOJO are so pleased to make this $50,000 investment into what we see as a massive innovation in app development.  It has cost too much for far too long for companies to build a mobile presence online, and V One will change this for good.  Welcome to the dawn of a new era of app development.  Its the V One era,” said Brian Mac Mahon, CEO of Expert DOJO.

No more will people have to waste their time, sitting around stewing about always wondering what if. Done are the days of inorganic “cofounder dating meetups.” Whoever thought that was a good idea? Non-technical founders can now build their app idea and platform for an untouchable price of $197/month. The best part is they can cancel if they want, anytime. 

“Show me the farm with customizable apps for only $197/month and no commitment ripe for the plucking. Show me that farm,” said Jeremy Redman, CEO of V One.

About Expert DOJO:

Expert DOJO improves the success rate of early-stage entrepreneurs with investment, foundation, showcasing, influence, and community. Since 2014, they have worked with over 400 startups to accelerate their growth and success. For more information, visit their website.