Why our Pay it Forward Labs event is so important to entrepreneurs everywhere

At Expert DOJO many years ago we decided to launch an event which was totally focused on the environment we wanted to create rather than to promote ourselves.  We called this event Pay it Forward Labs after the movie that inspired so many people around the world.

The basic principle was that being an entrepreneur is hard and doing it alone is even harder.  We had seen so many events where people just collected cards and spoke about themselves with little gain, that we decided to flip the networking concept on its head by focusing on giving instead of taking.

The principle was that we would provide everything an entrepreneur could want – live bands, access to funding giants, great people to network with, drinks and the most beautiful venue in town.  We then only asked for one thing. We asked that every person who started a conversation did so with the intention to help the person they were speaking with.  The result was astonishing.  Within a year we were hosting the biggest monthly event, not only in California but in the USA.  When we expanded to San Francisco and New York we got the same response and the events became so big that they were almost impossible to manage.

Our learn from this whole process is that deep down we want to help our fellow human and we love the deeper relationships that this brings with it.

We will continue to grow these events and stay a part of this vital entrepreneur community that we love so much.

Entrepreneur training classes at Expert DOJO

Right now we are hosting up to 15 entrepreneur training classes every month at Expert DOJO, as well as many more online.  We do this to help turn entrepreneurs into experts.  We want every entrepreneur to succeed and education is vital in his process.  A link to all our classes are here, as are all our evening events so you an find funding partners, co-founders and new clients – https://expertdojo.com/events/ .  All we ever ask our entrepreneurs to do is to pay it forward to the rest of the business community, as we are stronger as a whole.  We look forward to continuing to grow with you all.

Qigong for entrepreneurs – Really?

Here is an interesting topic for you all.  We advise all our entrepreneurs to be in control of themselves first and the business second.  We have classes at Expert DOJO from Yoga to meditation to the art of Qigong.

In case you did not know, Qigong allows access to higher realms of awareness, awakens one’s “true nature”, and helps develop human potential.  We believe this is vital for any entrepreneur to take control of every aspect of their dream.

Our teachers are  proven entrepreneurs having sold a multi million dollar business but are also experts in their art.  Our advice to you all is to take this seriously.  To start a business is the hardest thing you will do in your life.  Be fit inside and out

Why is expertise so important for an entrepreneur

The failure rate for entrepreneurs is somewhere between 60% to 70% in the first 5 years in most countries but in the technology sector this number climbs as high as 98% in some cities like Los Angeles.  These numbers are masked by Snapchat like success stories but it is the goal of Expert DOJO to lower this failure rate by a substantial amount.

Our frustration is that the reason for much of the failure can be avoided by following the principles of our larger company neighbours.  Lets look at some of the key attributes of a larger successful company compared to a start up:

  • Start ups do not generally create strategic plans to include SWOT analysis and balanced scorecards.  Corporates do.
  • Start ups do not study for their vocation and most larger companies would not hire unqualified people.
  • Start ups are not good at creating a strong process to safeguard the company and larger companies do.
  • Start ups are optimistic beyond reality and larger companies base projections on probability.

We love start up culture here at Expert DOJO and never want to do anything else but we have to take some of the lessons of success to heart to be successful.