If you want to know what a value proposition is then have a look at how Healora saved a patient 80% of their healthcare costs.

This is an actual letter from a Doctor to his colleagues about the massive value Healora added to his patient and friend.

I recently received a concerning email from a friend of mine whose daughter was undergoing a GI workup for some digestive issues that sound like IBS. His family is in self-insured pool with deductible so the price does matter. My concern is not about the diagnosis or workup but the cost of such when the physician is no longer in position to determine the price. (ie employed by large entity);

“Doctors have recommended that my daughter get an upper and lower scope to see what is causing her eating/digestion problems. Nothing has tested positive yet. So the cost estimate for the hospital et. al. is $12,000 -cash price at a 35% discount, and another $4,000 for the Dr.  for a 1 hour procedure, two biopsies. $16,000.”

2 days later;

“Have you made any progress on finding an option here locally?”

The father than contacted a new LA startup Healora.com and received the following quote for a total cost of $2,684;

 “Esophagoscopy EGD AND Colonoscopy, with biopsies (up to 3 biopsies for the EGD and 2 biopsies for the Colonoscopy)

– MAC anesthesia

– Physician fee

  -Pre-procedure 30 minute in person Office Visit to complete a physical exam and go over any questions

  -Post-procedure 15 minute office visit or phone call to discuss procedure pathology results and next steps

So for my SERMO friends – Who is gauging this self-paying patient and who is getting multimillion bonuses at the end of the year?


The father and daughter are flying to LA for couple days to get this done by doctors rather than institutions.

Round trip flight is $179  from Denver-LA

Expert DOJO comment – Game, set and match to Healora.  It feels so great when we bring a product to market which makes such a massive difference in an industry.

How to get 153% CTR with KBucket content curation

Introducing KBucket,  a topic curation solution that will significantly increase your social inbound traffic and cost you much less than PPC advertising. After your initial cost to license the program you will continue to generate organic traffic through minimal effort.  The findings in this post are based on actual results going back 5 months.

Our studies will measure the social ROI in six important categories:

The results shared in this post are analytics from links shared from our own curated library under the “KBucket Page“.  To put our results in perspective I am also comparing them with a Facebook ad campaign, as well as analytics generated from a Twitter lead generation solution called “Market Hub”.


We started scheduling curated articles for distribution from our KBucket page starting in July of 2016 and increased the number of shared articles on December 16t,h as you will see in the charts below.  Here is what has happened so far:

Messages + Clicks.jpg

At first glance the results are truly unbelievable.  We shared 772 messages and received 1185 clicks.  That is a 153% CTR which is phenomenal by any standard.  The inbound traffic generated is consistent and predicated on both the number of articles shared and the number of followers on your social channels.  We currently have about 5000 followers on Twitter, over 500 connections on LinkedIn and Facebook post reach has been a mere 555 in the last month.


Let’s now compare the KBucket results with a Facebook ad campaign and the results generated by “Market Hub”.


For the Facebook we marketed a landing page to promote our browser extension and a blog post to promote our curation solution to journalist. My intent here is not to say that curation will replace advertising, since advertising has a much wider reach than curation.  My intent is to show the cost of advertising and the effectiveness of the KBucket solution.,


MarketHub is a twitter lead generation platform.  This solution is a more direct competitor to our KBucket solution.  However “MarketHub” doesn’t directly drive traffic to your site, they simply ad a “Click to Action” banner at the bottom of every link they share and the banners drive traffic. The industry average performance for successful banner ads is between 1-2%.  Below I have entered my Google analytics results for inbound links from Twitter. I am attributing 60% of those links to “MarketHub”, since I don’t have access to my dashboard anymore after I cancelled my account.


Vendor Campaign Duration Inbound links CPC Total Cost
Facebook Pay Per Click 20 days 292 $1.06 $306
Market Hub Subscription 3 months 66 $4.50 $297
KBucket One Time Fee 6 months 1185 $1.26 $1,500

Note: We average 1.7 clicks per message shared.  Sharing 1000 messages will generate 1700 link.  Calculating the cost of licensing annually, you will be paying 7 cents a click.  That is more cost effective than any solution on the market today.


In practice, we know that not all clicks result in visits to your site, which is the metric we seek.  A good portion of clicks generally don’t convert because they were either generated by a bot, or the user decided to abort the visit because the page wouldn’t load fast enough, or for some other reason.  So in practice your real Cost Per Click (CPC) is higher than what the vendor reports.


We are obviously interested in measuring the real Cost Per Click (CPC).  So let’s take a look at the visits generated to our website from our curation efforts. Notice that our efforts were spread across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.  I am using Google Analytics to report this data as the HubSpot data only measures visits to my blog page.  Most of the links shared are to the KBucket page that is not included in my Hubspot analytics.

google social analytics.jpg


This is a total of 848 visits from Social media. This is less than the total number of clicks reported by Hubspot (1185) but still a 117% CTR.  Following are the total clicks I received to my Hubspot blog page which is the mix of links shared promoting our own content.



With KBucket you pay for the platform once with no recurring costs.  So the longer you own the KBucket platform the more cost effective it gets.

Why does KBucket perform so well!


To examine the answer let’s review the process first. We subscribe to various influencer news letters, We also have set up aggregation services like Drumup and Nuzzel to deliver the most popular articles on topics of our interest.  Additionally, we read trade magazines and curate links that provide solutions to my business problems.  For example if you read readit or stumbledupon you can track which articles are trending well.


This implies that the curated content in ourchannels are already ranked high in popularity and in search engines. No wonder they perform so well! Influencers research their headlines and write articles people want to read; that’s why they are influencers. Their content naturally performs better.


So, as a curator you should pay close attention to your selected articles. Make sure your curated library covers a broad range and you are not repeating the same angle from multiple authors.  Just pick the one that resonate best with you.  Your followers should know you are taking time to get them the best information possible.

Your work never gets old – Curating ever-green links!


We have been curating for over 6 years now, and have found that many great insights and articles are as useful today as they were when they were first published.  In some cases where the world has moved on and the advice or report is out of date, you can still provide value by pointing out how the world has moved on.  For example we have been creating lists of products and some date back to 5 or 6 years ago, and naturally a number of them are no longer around.  That in itself is an interesting piece of information, don’t you agree?  A list of companies that went out of business, and then investigate and comment why!


If you curate 3 links a day, 15 days a month, you will have over 780 links in your curated library in just one year.  Little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Stay disciplined, record your insights as they occur and soon you will have an incredible resource that will drive your inbound traffic and establish you as a thought leader in your field!

KBucket makes this all easy!


KBucket makes it easy to host hundreds of links on one page and make them all accessible,  Each page is divided into multiple groups and each group offers one or more channels.  Each channel lists a number of links, that can be quickly navigated with category, publisher and author tags.  In other words the library of links is accessible for anyone to discover incredible content.


Each link in the library can be shared individually to drive traffic back to your website.  As a marketer it is both important to stay visible and fresh, because freshness and variety is what will give you authority and elevate your status in social media.  Links can also be re-shared in time intervals.  With a library of hundreds of links, your timeline will always look interesting and informative.


Additionally, scheduling links is also easy.  If your scheduler let’s you upload RSS feeds, you can simply queue your entire library to run in intervals, delivering great content.  If your scheduler requires you to enter links manually (Hubspot works this way), then you can also easily filter and pick the links you want from your library.


In addition to getting highly targeted traffic to your site, KBucket will also help you grow your follower reach.  In social media people follow others because of what they share!  We found that the quality of followers is also better targeted to the people we want to reach.


Each shared link adds the author’s Twitter handle to your message.  This will let the author know you are sharing their content.  As a result, you will now have an opportunity to connect with those influencers, as you have now separated yourself from the crowd.


Some of our own tweets are directly to the author of the article, letting them know how well their links are performing in our channel.  Reciprocity is a powerful driver of building influence and getting noticed!




KBucket is a powerful curation solution for generating inbound traffic by curating and sharing links related to your business. The benefits can be summarized as follows

  • You own you assets.  What you curate lives on your platform and will continue to pay dividends
  • There is only a one time fee for installtion and training.
  • Links that you curate drive traffic back to your site
  • You can use your curated library as a resource for all employees to share content (employee advocacy)
  • Your curated content can provide answers to business problems, to be used by your sales department
  • KBucket is more cost efficient than PPC for driving inbound traffic
  • KBucket shares will increase your reach on all social networks
  • KBucket helps your SEO
  • KBucket is a excellent way to get backlinks to your site.


We welcome both site owners and digital agencies who help their clients with their social media strategy.  Signup for a demo, download KBrowser and amplify your social media strategy.

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas

There are times when having a business idea becomes a big problem. If you can’t get it out of your head and you’re convinced that it has great market potential, it’s probably something worth considering. Yes, that’s correct. The biggest businesses had to start somewhere, and it often wasn’t a big opening of a swanky shop with extra large ribbons cut by a celebrity. The real businesses started small and required the vision, sweat, and hard work of a man or a woman who believed in a startup idea.

The good news is that the modern times are kind to startups. There are now idea incubators who give young adults with business ideas space to work on their projects and give them pieces of advice on how to take it to the next level. Remember that the search engine giant, Google, had lowly beginnings at a garage before it became the multi-billion company it is today.

When planning a startup business, several steps must be undertaken to make sure that the money that you, or your investors, put up will not go down the drain. Too often, what seemed like a good idea eventually fizzles out because the market was not tested, or there was just too much competition to even make a dent.

All of these can be avoided by validating your startup ideas. You can do market studies, take a close look at the competition, or several other steps that will really give you a feel of how your business will be received by the market.

Our infographic details 9 efficient ways to validate startup ideas. Each step is crucial and can spell the difference between success and failure. Make the smart move and plan your business carefully!

9 Ways to Validate Your Startup Ideas (SBO)

How Smart CSM raised seed money to build an empire from blood, sweat and mentorship.

The Company

SmartCSM is an Internet of Things – Smart Building (BIoT) platform that manages infrastructure mapping data for commercial, industrial and multi dwelling unit buildings.  The platform creates a complete, easy to use digital map of the structure, allowing users to instantly understand the mission critical infrastructure and easily track, as well as manage changes that have been made to their structures.

More times than not, once a building is finished, the documentation used to design it is stored in a backroom, only to be rarely accessed and never updated.  This means any improvements/increased efficiencies that can be achieved through new building related technologies or repairs are simply lost.  Truly not understanding how a building is wired, inter-associated or altered can lead to catastrophic system failures, accidents and even death. The net result can potentially cost facilities managers and building owners millions of dollars in shutdowns (lost revenues), redundant repairs (fixing the same problem several times) and fines/lawsuits (OSHA fines or criminal prosecution).  Some of the company’s more notable customers include The Salvation Army, Raytheon, DHL and Universal Studios.

How the Dojo helped

When the CEO of SmartCSM came to the Expert Dojo, he was looking for help with fund raising.  After initial discussions, we recommended they utilize our one-on-one mentoring option.  Through a series of initial meetings, our mentor was able to peel back the layers of the company and it became clear that aligning the company with the right investment partners was paramount.  

Given the stage of the company, the “usual suspect” institutional investors were not the right groups to be targeting.  Their narrow scope of interest and checkbox style of investing would not only make it a challenge to get a check, but would align the company with a group who’s value and goals were not shared with SmartCSM.  The company needed investors who not only had have keen understanding of their sector and business model, but someone who would be partner.  

Specifically, beyond the shared values, they needed a group who’s long term vision aligned with that of management.  Through a lot of trial and error, the company shifted it’s focus to finding high net worth individuals.  After many, many meetings and countless pitches, they found an investor who was also not only in the software industry, but clearly understood the value that SmartCSM was creating.

In conjunction with advising on investor strategy, the Dojo also lent a hand with SmartCSM’s technical development.  As many entrepreneurs have experienced, just having a great idea does not guarantee success.  You also need the ability to deliver a user friendly, fully functional product or no one will buy what you’re selling.  Fully well knowing that, we introduced the company to a consulting/development firm who, after much vetting, SmartCSM ultimately chose.  That introduction, and subsequent partnership which evolved, proved to be quite fruitful and the company could not be more pleased.  Interestingly, our mentor who was advising with the company, was so impressed with SmartCSM and the business opportunity, that he decided to join the company when the mentorship program concluded.

After taking a step back and evaluating what was learned by our work together, it became clear that the thesis of aligning yourself with the right partners, in every facets of the business, proved to be correct.   Congratulations to team at SmartCSM in what you have achieved thus far and good luck in the road ahead!

A lesson by Healora in how to launch your startup using the crowd


Lots of people are starting businesses today but how many are planning out each step for success using the crowd all the way?  Not many. The reason why its so difficult to start, grow and exit a business is because many founders try to do this alone.  This is a big mistake according to Brian Mac Mahon, CEO of Expert DOJO.  To find the answer we need to look at companies who just get it right. Thomas Farmer from Healora is the model of how you should properly validate your business model, then build the right team, have specific SMART milestones and finally maximize the crowd to line up one success after another.  Here is what has been achieved in the last 9 months:

Healora was founded and launched with a patented algorithm to reduce the price of healthcare by up to 70% using prepaid cash pricing, after three months of face to face market validation.  Only when patients begged Thomas to help reduce the price of healthcare did he proceed with his Priceline model for healthcare..

At that time Thomas brought a new member to the team.  Julian Henley is one of the leading specialists in the USA and had patents in place for exactly what Healora was designed to build.  This team became unbeatable because of the complimentary skills and Industry relevance.

Thomas immediately sought industry validation for what he was doing and was instantly endorsed as member partner by the biggest healthcare association in Los Angeles, LACMA (Los Angeles County Medical Association) to help in their fight to improve and reduce the cost of healthcare.

Only after Thomas took advice from the best user experience people in the business did he start on development.  The Healora Website was built and deployed with mobile app planned for March 2017.  Stealth execution of product fit was based on using experts in this space such as Enki Technology.

Next came an award for the most innovative healthcare technology at the prestigious IDEAS Los Angeles annual conference sponsored by Tel Aviv University.

The company official launched in Santa Monica with panel event of supporters from Kaiser Permanente, Vesalius Ventures, Biocom, LACMA and LAVA.

The final validation came from doctors throughout Los Angeles with over 100 registrations across all 25 of the AMA specialties.  How many founders care so much for their customers that they validate to this level?  Not many, but this is the difference between creating a painkiller product and a vitamin product.

The next step was to bring in the crowd to democratize the fundraising process. Healora is launching in three states initially and that will cost over 1 million Dollars in the next 12 months.  The choice is to raise that investment by evangelizing the crowd to not only use the product but invest in Healora.  Healora partnered with crowdfunding experts, Crowdfunder and Expert DOJO to make this a reality and before the campaign has even started over $150,000 has been raised. Such is the power of the crowd.

Join the Healora journey over the next 6 months as we follow this rise from an idea whose time had come to the disrupter of an entire industry.  To contact Healora email info@healora.com