Want to know how a perfect crowdfunding campaign works – copy the veggidome

When Duncan and Eddie walked in the door of Expert DOJO I saw the potential for a product which the world sorely needs.  Their dream at the time was a special container for vegetable, which remarkably keeps them fresh for 4-6 days. This would solve the worlds biggest food waste problem – we throw out 30% of all the vegetables we buy and that adds up to 40 billion dolars of waste a year.  The problem is even bigger when you look at increasing obesity rates and a danger level increase in diabetes.  Enter the Veggidome, a cookie jar for the kitchen table, which keeps vegtables fresher than the fridge for longer.

The plan to start a crowdfunding campaign was an easy one but the logisitcs, platform and strategy was not.  Neither founder had been in this industry for long so their social influence was small, the veggidome was relatively new as a product and the vegan and vegatarian marketplace was not hat easy to enter.  What they did in the next 3 months though will blow your mind and help you build your roadmap to success,

Why we should treat an entrepreneur club the same way we need a Gym membership

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely and difficult life unless you have partners, mentors, coaches, friends and a roadmap to success.  If you have all these things it is the most rewarding experience you will ever have.  We created the Expert DOJO success club to be as important as your gym membership is for keeping you healthy.  We are with you all the way to help you be successful in your business venture no matter where you come from, what size you are or what your growth aspirations are.  We have created a value proposition worth over $3,000 per month, which you can have for only $100.

The below are just some of the benefits of being a member of the Expert DOJO Success Club.

  1. Matchmaking to be introduced to other company relevant to your needs
  2. VIP access to our events (all of them)
  3. Access to our member only chat room
  4. Monthly live stream coaching & mastermind session from our top advisors
  5. Start up booth and entry our conferences
  6. 15 minute mentor session 
  7. Training days once a month to help you grow your business
  8. Certain start ups will get to present to our Angel Group of investors

Join now and never look back – https://expertdojo.com/membership/

The First Coworking Space Ever? Maybe, but Why?

Last Monday on the 31st of August 2015 I decided to offer our Expert DOJO 8,000 square foot workspace in the prime real estate area of Santa Monica to be used by the entrepreneur community at no charge.  For a long time I had resisted the notion of being called a coworking space because my deep belief was and is that coworking spaces do not improve an entrepreneurs chances of success, it just seems that way.  As a company dedicated to success coaching in the entrepreneur field I wanted us to be thought of as more than just a space, but last week I changed my mind and offered our coworking space at no charge to the entire entrepreneur community.  I hope my story will make you think differently about how you run your business.

New high tech companies fail at a rate of 98%.  That means that in every 1,000 person conference there are 20 people in the room who will make some money.  Most everyone else will lose.  When I compared this number to the Israel tech scene I saw that they have technology eco-systems with success ratios over 30%.  The reason for this is not just excellent coaching, tight partnerships between the private and the public sector, a close knit community and a better entrepreneurial education at an earlier age.  It’s something much more primal than that.  It’s how powerful a community can be when it believes that the sum of the parts are more than anything we can do alone.  It’s the highest form of conscious capitalism and here in America we have never needed it more than we do today.

When I formed our Expert DOJO Success Academy we went to one of the biggest property companies in LA and asked them to serve the community in a location where they would normally put a high priced restaurant.  They showed how much they cared for the community by providing us a location at a fair rent.  When we went to Cort Furniture and asked them provide furniture for our entrepreneurs they gave it to us without a thought for payment.  Now that we have the most beautiful coworking space anywhere in LA we are giving it to the community it was always destined for.  We make plenty of money from our coaching services (https://expertdojo.com/membership/) because we are good at success coaching.  Cort sells and rents lots of furniture because they are good at what they do, and the Mall will stay as profitable as they have always been for the same reason.  Our other partners who care about this community are Microsoft, Enki, Benchmark email and so many more.

Our dream is that the entrepreneurs who use our space will help everyone they meet in our space and outside, so we can turn 20 successful entrepreneurs in a room into 100 and then into 200.  More importantly, as entrepreneurs, everyone of us can look ourselves in the mirror and our families in the face and know that we made a difference to our whole community.

For those of you out there who feel this is tree hugging nonsense you will be interested to know that our enquiries and sales for our coaching services spiked at an all time high the day we made this announcement to the community and you should also know that this is not a one off action in a far away place.  We are part of a movement which will go through schools, prisons, veteran associations and everywhere else we can find to make our world just a little better for us all.  By joining this movement you multiply our impact on society and on your own business.  You can see why we exist at https://expertdojo.com and you should contact brian@payitfrowardlabs.com if you have any questions or just want to show support to our community.

Why every entrepreneur needs a mentor

When we started our first business we had a good concept but were two degrees away from a killer start up.  It took us 3 years to find the right path and it was all from a casual conversation with a mentor.  I have bitter sweet memories of that moment because, although it saved my business at the time, I wished I had sought out this advice 3 years earlier.

As entrepreneurs we are on a journey and we believe that this journey has to be a solo path to find our own enlightenment and success.  Anything less than success is failure and what should be a beautiful time in our lives, becomes a ritual trial by fire.  That trial by fire is fueled by our own egos and arrogance and us men suffer from this much more than our female counterparts.

At Expert DOJO I believed that our mission was to provide a marketplace for all business to help each other grow until my good friend and mentor Alex Capecelatro sat down with me and explained that what the world really needs is a great mentor and tool site to help make entrepreneurs stronger.  The difference between this conversation and my first business conversation is timing.  Alex put me on the right track in my second month and I will always be grateful for the great advice he gave me and the time he saved me.

At expert DOJO we provide experts and mentors who will help you get on the right path for no cost because they want to pay it forward to you.  Seek out your Alex – https://expertdojo.com/members/  and put your ego aside to really listen to all the beautiful journeys out there.  Enjoy the ride.